From Panic to Pranic: An outline of Pranic Healing Techniques

If you looked through books about ancient wisdom, you will notice that almost every school of thought in the past believed that the universe is an energy bank and humans can learn to be channels of that bank.

Scholars say our ancestors were definitely more emotionally stable than we are. The real reason behind their calm state is because their energies were balanced. Healers in the past would manipulate the life energy to affect positive changes on health.

Our ancestors had sure fire ways of curing physical and mental troubles. But only a few healers were considered “worthy” of learning to use energy manipulation techniques. This is why, over the years we’ve lost many techniques to the evils of ignorance.

However, with holistic healing making a comeback, many new techniques have been uncovered. These techniques involve control of life force, just like in the past. And the best part? These techniques can be taught to anyone. One such technique is pranic healing.

The origin of pranic healing

Master Choa Kok Sui is the founder of the Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga® System. Grand master Choa Kok Sui conceptualized Prana- the Sanskrit word for life force. His teachings describe prana as not only the force that resides within all of us, but the energy that constantly flows throughout the universe. As these energy systems are connected, his philosophy indicates that it is possible for humans to learn to extract energy from the surroundings and use it to heal.The most remarkable thing about Pranic healing is the fact that it’s one healing technique that does not require physical contact.

Pranic healing regards life force as an invisible energy, very similar to Chi in Chinese acupuncture. Prana can be used to restore harmony in our body, both physically and emotionally. The main cause for ailments of any form is because of disruptions in the body’s energy. These disruptions can affect a person’s physical, emotional and social state of being. Pranic healing involves smoothening out these disruptions.

Pranic healing is a self healing technique, taught by a pranic master, and involves a set of processes of energy transfer.

Scan, Sweep, Energize

Working with your aura takes patience and practice. The first process is “scanning”, or learning to feel the presence of energy. This includes stern meditation and self awareness tools.

Once you are taught to be aware of the presence of prana, you will also learn how to detect disruptions in your own energy. “Sweeping” involves clearing out these disruptions patiently. The healer will teach you to observe every single disruption and energy clutter and smoothen it out to develop a clear aura.

Along with detecting energy disturbances, you will also become aware of areas where there is a prana deficiency. A healer will teach you to “Energize” these areas- which includes deriving energy from your surroundings, and distributing that energy evenly over your deficiency spots.

This is the first level of pranic healing. Serious ailments require higher levels, and anybody has access to them through expert healers. For a successful pranic session, it is crucial to believe that you will regain a calm state. Pranic healing works best when the patient is alert to his needs and sensitive to his energy.

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