There are three main forms of energy healing. They may share similarities, but they are each different in their own ways. These three energy healing forms are Reiki, Tantra, and Pranic. This article will focus on one of the most commonly used form of energy healing of all three, which is Pranic energy healing.

Pranic healing is a Hindu based energy healing, and first involves determining the health of individuals through the aura that they possess. The Hindu ways believe that the aura is a seven layered body covering which shows the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental energies of a human being. This is a system that is rooted by colors, and the predominated surrounding color of an individual’s aura determines the predominant energy of the person, thereby showing the reader what the problem may be.

The red aura is meant to represent the physical aspect of the person. In its brightest and purest form, the red aura signifies that the person’s ego is healthy.

The orange aura signifies creativity and an outgoing nature. When visible, the orange aura means that a person is currently struggling with an addiction to eating or a lack thereof.

The yellow aura represents the life energy of a human. Although there are many different yellow derivatives, a person who shows a metallic yellow is truly experiencing spiritual awakening and their inspirations are achieved. The other sub-forms of yellow signify various troubles, including excessive stress or too much information at once.

When the green aura color is present, the person will most likely be experience troubles of the heart – a bad break up or the loss of a loved one. These people may also be struggling with jealousy or hatred due to events that they have experienced.

The blue colored aura is related to caring, peace, and communication. In its softest shade, the person is healthy and experiencing a heightened level of clarity. In its darkest shade, the person is fearful of the future or has issues with themselves.

The white colored aura is considered the purest form. It represents a reflection of other energies. It suggests that the person may have angelic attributes, or, if flashing, the person is about to become pregnant or is already pregnant. It also represents the purity of the soul.

There are many reasons why people will use energy healing, including spiritual beliefs. More often than not, it is because traditional medicine has failed them. Energy healing methods, such as those used in Pranic, include meditation. Meditation is a well known method that is used to relieve excessive stress, which is just as well known for causing many illnesses and spiritual imbalances.

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