The more an object becomes subtle the number of atoms too augments and because of heat/energy its speed of movement increases. Thus in the gaseous state the speed of atoms augments infinitely.

An object remains solid when the atoms within it get attracted to each other and thus do not move. The more one gives it heat this bond becomes less and the speed of mobility augments. It is this method that makes an object solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma. Thus objects become very subtle.

The nature of consciousness is different from the above. Yet in the chapter of subtilizing the psyche with the ratio of subtleness and in radiance, the principle of augmenting and widespread-ness applies all the more. The subtle designing of the human body too is of this type that on advancing the seed vault present in the deep recesses of the psyche makes the subtle body very powerful. In the deep recesses of man are present 3 bodies, 5 Sheaths and 6 Chakras of this stature. By evolving them the inner existence can be rendered cosmic. All these despite being parts of one body yet show their separate existences.

Scriptures give 4 stages of human beings. In the waking sate our daily routine activities occur. Majority of human beings live such a life. Next is the dream state wherein man is immersed in what the mind has experienced, seen and thought. Sometimes events beyond the ken of the 5 sense organs can be foreseen. Only some parts of the dream state can be remembered and the remaining is forgotten.

Deep sleep is that 3rd state wherein the contact with the external world and the world of thoughts is cut off. The external (waking) and internal world (dream) both go to sleep. Apart from these 3 states there is the supreme state of Turiya which is the state of soul awakening and uplifting of spiritual consciousness. When a living being becomes a superman from a normal human being wherein one is also said to become a Rishi or divine being one can say that the Turiya state has been attained. All the great saints born in this world have attained the Turiya state via Yoga based practices. Thus in this subtle bodied state they have become cosmic in nature. This state is not very easily attainable by all and yet those who have achieved it execute the superhuman important task of world well being.

In scriptures there is a description of non sexual contact based creation which is noted in the preliminary stages of evolution. There is a detailed description that those people who in previous Kalpas (eras) had executed self control and Yoga based meditation so as to attain the supreme state of spiritual consciousness, take birth again. These divine souls are called Rishi souls and give to world humanity the deep import of religion that uplifts soul existence. Time and again as per the situation they manifest thus and via the medium of divine wisdom given by them those souls who generally are immersed in the eat, drink and be merry mode of life now attain slowly but surely the state of Jivan Mukta or liberated in life due to soul uplifting. The Kalpa-Manvantar arrangement of creation is such that at every moment divine souls are immersed in their divine activities in the subtle world. It is hence that all together religion, spirituality, values, ideals etc do not totally disappear from the world.

Rishi souls awaken the causal body so as to execute various tasks and it has been described by Upanishad seers as follows:
Anivaryachyanadyavidyarupa sthool sookshma sharir karan matram swaswarupajnanam yadasti tata karanashariram.

MEANING: The causal body is indescribable, without beginning, of the nature of spiritual ignorance, the cause of gross and subtle body and is the existence of its own ignorant nature.

In reality despite dwelling in the inert body it is in a state of deep sleep. The way to awaken it is subtlizing of the psyche.

In the spiritual body designing science the subtle body is said to be made up of 17 subtle materials. The Panchdashi text describes it as follows:

Buddhi karmedriya prana panchakairmanasadhiya.
Shariram saptadashabhihi sukshmam talligamuchyate.

MEANING: The subtle body is formed via 17 parts viz. 5 organs of knowledge, 5 organs of action, 5 vital forces, mind and intellect.

It has been said that in human bodies dwell Rishis, deities, incarnations of God etc. In various places they are reinstated. In this body also dwell divine seas, divine rivers, divine mountains etc. Despite the body ordinarily being a bag of stools, urine etc if one notes its subtle existence, one gets a vision of many worlds. The body is a compact laboratory. In it are fitted all technical apparatus which have either been created by man so far or that in future they will be made. In one unit of the cosmos the entire cosmos is present. It means that all the special qualities present in the macrocosm are present in the tiny microcosm too. Whatever exists is there in a latent/un-awakened state. If it were to get awakened from the micro (man) entire macro (cosmos) can manifest.

In order to make the lowly great there is only one method viz. vaporization. When a substance becomes gaseous it spreads out everywhere and in very far off places too it shows its strength. For example chili powder is kept in one tiny area. But if it is burnt with fire it will become gaseous so as to reach far off places. Thus because of its chilly odor people in far off areas too will start coughing. If a little oil is poured on the waves of sea it will reach distant places along with the waves.

In Ayurveda there is a description that if certain herbs are pounded in a mortar and pestle for a long time, the herb becomes very potent. The potency principle of Homeopathy Medicine says that render the liquid more diluted so that it becomes powerful.

In spiritual practice there are varied applications of austerities. Over here special attention is given to the state of the body and tradition of habits. One type of spiritual practice need not give the same results for everybody. In fact spiritual practice must be chosen after taking into consideration ones lineage, Guru’s lineage and psychic imprints of past innumerous life times. While choosing it the spiritual seeker’s intellect need not necessarily take the right decision. For this in fact a devotee’s experience and required apt guidance from great spiritual teachers is required. Those who attain this definitely succeed.

What is the methodology of subtlizing of psyche adopted by myself? How am I doing it? This need not be asked because this is a special endeavor and here everything depends on the revered Guru’s guidance. Others should not ask this question simply because the spiritual method adopted by me is vain for others to follow. How should it be done, for what reason it should be done depends on the advice of my divinely experienced guide.

On a gross basis subtilizing the psyche involves vaporization. In it ones vital force is made so terrifically intense that with its aid the 5 sheaths of the body within are ‘heated up’. Thus it now emerges as an independent unit. When water boils many bubbles are witnessed. Every bubble makes its own unit and as long as the need exists it merges into others while maintaining its independence. It is between the devotee and his/her great Guru to decide how much big a bubble is to be used for which task? By what method is it generated? How powerful is it to be rendered? It is enough to know its underlying principle. It is not apt to further delve deeper into its description.

In reality the method of subtlizing the psyche is such a royal path of sanctifying and evolving the subtle and causal bodies of a devotee who is yet alive which has been imbibed by high stature people not for their own salvation or Mukti but for the welfare of all beings.

This methodology is an eternal arrangement of Rishi tradition. The 3 glories in the form of the 3 bodies of human being is a supreme blessing of Almighty God. If these are distorted and chaotic man’s downfall is definite. Spiritual practices aim to merge the individual with the cosmos and what obstruct this merging are taints that accrue from day to day living. No doubt divine saints who are born with high stature psychic imprints or Sanskaras from previous lifetimes do not have to work much hard to overcome the above taints. They voluntarily walk on this path. In order to render conducive circumstances on earth, high stature souls of the invisible subtle world give them the required soul force. While giving them divine guidance their visible activities are transformed wholesomely. An ordinary intellect cannot fathom this easily when in fact this occurs as per God’s divine cosmic management laws.

There are many questions that will arise in the mind of anyone. For example what will world humanity gain if I perform the era spiritual practice of subtlizing/vaporizing the psyche? What changes will take place in the present circumstances? It is my sacred duty to answer these questions especially for the benefit of those who have been my aides, partners who are will to do all which my Guru spoke through myself as a divine medium. All this has been written to show what all I can do for them? How important is their cooperation in future times? This shall definitely be answered.

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