Daily Ritual

The process of daily ritual is very important in our spiritual lives to help us focus on who we truly are and bring into this reality our true nature. Daily rituals can be as simple or as complicated as you make them, but the purpose is the same-it reinforces your intention and connects you to source. For this reason daily rituals are a method of connecting, releasing and relaxing. They can be very therapeutic to perform and become a comforting part of your everyday life.

Types of Daily Ritual
Rituals vary greatly and also they vary from person to person. There are many types of activities that you can perform as daily rituals. You can do just one or make your own system to perform. Here are some examples of activities that are simple to do and can become part of your daily ritual;
Affirmations- when you take the time to sit and repeat your affirmations with intention and focus they become very powerful and lift your vibration. Affirmations are a very good way of reminding you who you are, of manifesting goals and maintaining well being.
Meditation- this may be a simple breathing exercise or a longer, more focused practise. Meditation will help you connect with your higher self, your guides and bring you into a state of balance, peace and harmony.
Offerings-again, this does not need to be complicated, but offering something everyday is a powerful way connecting to source and being in the present moment. You can offer something physical and tangible or you can offer something non physical like gratitude.
Chants- chants are very useful for lifting your vibration and focusing your intention. You can find many ancient chants that have very powerful vibrations, or you can write your own.
Preparing Sacred Space-the activity of preparing sacred space for many is a pre-requisite to performing a ritual, but it is in itself a ritual. You can cleanse the area, burn candles, incense, play music, etc.
Smudging, burning candles, incense- these are great ways of practising daily ritual, they can be used for cleansing an area, for purification and also to set your intention. Whenever you light a candle, smudge stick or incense stick be fully in the present and state why you are lighting it.

How Ritual Works
When you preform any ritual you enter into a different state of consciousness from your everyday routine, you enter a higher state of consciousness, one in which you connect to all that is. This helps us to remember our divine nature and be fully in the present moment, suspending all past and future concerns. The more you immerse yourself in the ritual the stronger their power is and the more deeply you will benefit from the practise.

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