What is halting you from manifesting the kind of life that you cannot wait to play in? What keeps you struggling with manifesting all the money you want? What is keeping you broke? Can you see the reasons you voice to yourself for the above? In the answer is the reason for why you're always in conflict with what you want. You can use Positive Affirmations Self Esteem to help you in the process of shifting your energy!

Consider that every inhibiting thought pattern is a program that your unconscious mind is running without hesitation. Neuroscientists have found that your conscious mind only operates at best at around 5% of the day. Ninety five percent or more of the time (for most people 99 percent) we operate our minds from the automatic processor, the unconscious mind.

When it comes to processing information the subconscious mind is over a million times more powerful compared to the conscious mind.

So then you could begin searching for better questions, like "How do I become more aware of what is in the way of my view, or what my limiting beliefs actually are"?

What is halting you from getting your dream job isn't due to a cruddy economy, or due to that fact that you don't have the best connections. What's holding you from making financial wealth isn't due to not having the right set of skills. What's holding you apart from your perfect love relationship is NOT that you are too old, or that all the good ones are taken or due to living out in a rural area.

Everything starts with understanding what you truly want. Then building a want that you can dream your way into.

Einstein said, "No problem's solution is realized from the same area of consciousness that manifested it." You have to intend and think your way beyond the area of the problem and into the area of the solution. Intention has creative force. We are creators. We were born in the likeness of God. When people exist with that level of creation we are moving to that other level that Einstein referred to.

Create your intention to attract a SOLUTION. Instead of figuring out the PROBLEM from the area of the problem. This goes far beyond the level of the intellect. We are tapping into Universal forces when we set this type of intention.

Many stories of inventors working on a solution to a problem that has mystified them have related that the answer came in a flash of insight, a dream state or an unrelated circumstance.

To activate some creative energy from the level of the solution, begin to think of what the solution would feel like once it was in place.

I want a great paying career, with like-minded co-workers, with an easy commute. How would you feel to have that? How will you feel at the start of your day? What about the end of your day? Because the work environment is enjoyable and you're respected by your boss and co-workers, you are happy to go to work every day and feel relaxed on the way home.

That's the type of energy you run during the creation stages of looking for your ideal career. If there are not any counter intentions in the background, what you want will come fairly rapidly.

You must stay clean and clear with what you expect and root out the counter intentions and you'll be on your way to fulfilling anything you desire.

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