I've been on a quest for over a month now. I’ve been purposely carrying several big bags with me each day.

Delightfully, men were leaping and reaching for doors, holding doors and offering to help me with my multiple bags! They were all so nice, attentive and helpful!

I practiced my Leaning Back tools and graciously thanked each and every one with eye contact, a smile and a genuine "thank you" as I hustled and bustled my way through with loads of bags on both arms.

The point of this exploration was to catch myself judging men. They were all shapes, sizes, ages, races and styles of dressing.

Some of them wanted to talk (and I did, briefly), others just smiled. One asked what perfume was I wearing and said it was his new favorite.

Yet the one consistent experience was that each man came forward towards me, to assist me - because I was open to their helping me . . . I was leaning back and not judging them!

More importantly, during this adventure, I found a way to appreciate, rather than form an opinion about each man who started a conversation, held a door for me or helped me with my bags this week.


I found a way to see men in a different way based on the understanding that there are Four Types Of Men: The Good, The Clueless, The Difficult And The Toxic.

The Good Type Knows What To Do In Relationships.
He Means To Do Well In A Relationship, And He Means To Treat You Well. He Wants To Make You Happy.

The Clueless Type May Not Quite Know The Right Things To Do In Relationships But He Generally Means To Treat You Well And To Make You Happy.

The Clueless Type Is A Work In Progress And Normally Worth Consideration.

The Difficult Type Has Personal Drama, Issues Or Other Unmanaged Situations Preventing Him From Doing The Right Things In Relationships.

While He May Ultimately Mean Well, His Situations Always Complicate His Life And Relationships.

How He Handles His Issues Always Affects His Ability To Treat You Well.

And If He Tries To Treat You Well, He's Unable To Do It Consistently.

The Toxic Type Is Crafty And Often Charming.

He's Seductive.

He Knows How To Draw A Woman In.

He Knows Exactly What He’s Doing And Means To Do It.

This Man's Mission Is Manipulation.

He doesn’t Treat You Well In The Long Run.

He Treats You Well Enough To Keep You With Him Or Just Enough To Use You.

He Believes He's a "Good Catch," And Will Convince You That You're Lucky To Be With Him.

The Toxic Type Can Also Be A Difficult Type Of Man Who'se Deeper Into His Drama, Addiction Or Emotional Imbalance.

His Toxicity Is Eventually Apparent Through His Deception, Manipulative Behavior, Degrading Speech Or Abusive Personality.


Because I wasn't judging any man who helped me, regardless to what type of man he was, I felt safe.

I WAS Safe.

What Was More Important Was What I Felt Inside When Interacting With Each Man Out In The World.

This Level Of Interaction Is Different Than Interacting With Men Who Are Interested In You And Wanting To Spend Time With You.

In Those Closer Interactions You're Feeling Whether Or Not You're Compatible With That Particular Type Of Man.

You Want To Be Able To Connect With A Man, Accept Him And Enjoy Him Exactly How He Is.

Accepting A Man Just How He Is Means That You Understand That You Can Only Change Yourself And Your Own Behavior.

It Means Understanding That You Can Inspire Him To Change By Changing Yourself. But You Can't Make Him Change.

The Key Is Knowing That The Choice Of An Emotional Connection Happening With A Man Belongs To YOU.

He's Attracted To You And Wants To Connect With You, But You Choose To Be With Him.

Yes, It’s The Woman’s Choice. This Is Your Feminine Power.


During my experience with leaning back into my Feminine Power while walking around with both arms loaded with bags, what I discovered immediately was that I'd opened myself up to experience and interact with men rather than close myself off behind a wall of fear and old habits.

My adventure was truly enlightening!

You see, my adventure was actually Circular Dating, which, as you can see, was not "dating" at all!

Circular Dating is about interacting with men while being in your Feminine Power.

It’s about Learning How To Experience Men In A New, Positive And Powerful Way.

It's about Changing Your Approach to Men and Relationships.

It's about Letting Your Feminine Power Guide You in how you speak and act with a man.

It's about Keeping The Focus on You Rather Than On A Man.

It's about Appreciating and Enjoying all of the Beautiful and Juicy Experiences of Being a Woman.

It’s about Connecting To A Man’s Emotional Desire!

Understand That Men Are Naturally Emotionally Attracted To A Woman's Femininity!

When A Man Is Emotionally Attracted To You:

He Is Drawn To You.
He Wants To Get In Close And Experience Your Essence.
He Won’t Stop Until He Can Connect To You.

Good Incentive To Practice A New Approach!

Author's Bio: 

Tatia Dee is a Life & Relationship Coach with a practice focused on helping women achieve the love and life they want in a quick, powerful and successful way. She’s an expert in Helping Women Reconnect With Their Feminine Power and Circular Dating. You can learn more about Tatia at www.Powertolove.com