Practice, Practice, Practice
I’m a golf nut, and some may say certifiable.
With the amount of golf tips and lessons I’ve had appear on my computer screen this last little while; it caused me to reflect on not only my golf game, but my life.
I am a believer in asking for help, and when it comes to my golf game, I read a lot a do watch instructional videos and tips. I watch top level professional players and listen to them. I have gone to what might be called golf “rehab”, intensive clinics lead by great teachers where 100% of the focus is on the golf swing with the intent to improve.
I set goals for my golf “handicap” and track results diligently. I am not a “natural” but am blessed with reasonable hand eye co-ordination. I am lucky that I have an opportunity to play quite a bit and have reasonably good equipment and teaching aids.
Man, I should be ready to play on the tour- or at least the old guy’s tour.
While my golf has improved over the years and I’m decent, I am not as good as I should be with the amount I play. I am not terribly consistent and my scores can swing significantly from 9 holes to 9 holes and day to day. I can have stretches where I play good gold but it only lasts a short time.
Why? Why” Why?
There is a very simple reason. While I understand the mechanics better than most and have read, watched and heard all the techniques, I don’t spend nearly enough time on the practice range putting into practice what I have been shown. During the brief periods in my golf life I have committed to and actually practiced, I play consistently better golf.
I faced very similar challenges in life.
I did ask for help, got a coach, and went to rehab, read and so on. What I went through was similar to golf.
A huge difference is that I set goals, and achieve them and do have a large amount of consistency in my daily living.
Life happens each and every day. I have a “series” of things I must do every day and have a “check list” that I have used for years which I go through regularly to make sure I am practicing what I have learned on a daily basis. (Want it? email me at and it’s yours). I know with the balance that I have in my life today, I am playing the game of life at a high and personally satisfying level and I coach others on how to get into the game.
Practice, practice, Practice.
With this clarity of thought, maybe I can take what I’ve learned about the game of life to the golf course. Possibly I can play less and practice more. The big difference, living is a serious business; golf is a game!

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Keith is a Master Addictions Life Coach (certified) offering affordable private rehab for substance abusers and those affected.