If you want to be a Master of Manifesting you need to do three things really well. Designing good goals, using peak performance mind tricks and razor sharp visualisation skills. Read on and I'll share with you one of my secret tricks for building a powerful visualisation ability, and fast!

One of the best mind development techniques I've come across in the last decade is called ImageStreaming. It's the brainchild of Dr. Win Wenger, a pioneer in the field of accelerative learning methods and creativity training.

Dr. Wenger originally invented ImageStreaming a way to use your unconscious as a kind of 'oracle on demand' - you focus on a question, quiet your mind and watch what imagery arises in your imagination.

Not only does it solve the whole 'concentration issue' many people have with meditation (no more dozing off in zazen grasshopper!) but the longer you use it the deeper you go - the way the technique is designed actually sucks you in deeper and deeper the more aware you get.

Going deeper into meditation this way actually makes you more and more aware of what's going on it your 'big mind'. (I'll get to the how-to experiment in a minute.)

I'm a huge fan of manifesting techniques. Manifesting is that class of mind skills that lets you mess around with the blueprint reality is being built from and arrange for all the nice things to happen to you.

Manifesting relies of doing three things well - getting good at designing well thought through intentions, developing peak performance mind set skills (removing any internal 'counter-thoughts' and building in positive ones) and finally skill in thought projection.

Build a good level of skill in all three and you're able to get virtually anything whatsoever and it's the third step, 'thought projection' we can have some serious fun with here.

When you meditate your brainwaves typically drop from the usual day to day 'beta' level down to the relaxed, trancey 'alpha' and even more trancey 'theta' range. (go one step lower to 'delta' and you're off to sleep).

You pass through all four ranges every day when you're going to sleep and waking back up and that's the problem - most people are already conditioned to sleep when they hit the alpha-theta ranges.

It takes practice to be able to stay awake mentally whilst your body has basically gone to sleep. In the Silva Ultramind ESP system, it typically takes a solid 10 hours of hypnosis sessions for most people to pull this trick off.

That's the core skill in that approach - staying awake mentally when your brain is cruising along in the lower brainwaves and that's what makes all the visualisations work, helps folk heal at a distance, sends thoughts to people, manifesting things, talking to 'dead' people etc etc.

Cool as that is, there's a faster way, and one that has even more useful side effects ranging from greater intelligence, IQ, EQ, creativity and intuition to name a few.

Here's why it works - if you reinforce any behaviour it gets stronger. If you throw your dog a treat every time he barks at the postman, guess what, he'll bark at the postman more.

If you smile warmly and say 'thank you' sincerely to someone ever time they do something well, not only will they keep doing it well they'll probably improve.

The same thing goes for mental behaviours- if you describe out loud (say to a friend) what's going on in your imagination you strengthen the ability of being aware of what's going on in your imagination.

This might not sound like much, but if you keep doing it it keeps getting stronger *in real time*. So by the time you're 5 minutes into your session the effect is significantly stronger than it was at the beginning. You're constantly reinforcing the reinforcement.

The practical result is that you can concentrate virtually without effort for extended periods of time whilst you're in these lower brainwave ranges.

We're essentially using this technique as a meditation shortcut - you simply spend a few minutes using this technique to get you into the mental space to project your intentions from.

So here's your mind power experiment - simply spend ten minutes each day for the next ten days describing quickly and in detail the imagery flowing through your mind. Deceptively simple huh? There are three simple rules that make this process work properly.

First - describe your impressions out loud. Get them on tape or describe them to a listener, vividly enough that they can imagine them easily purely from your description.This produces a noticeably higher quality of expression than just mumbling away to yourself!

Second - talk as quickly as you can. This helps you 'outrun' the common tendency to consciously filter and analyse the impressions you're getting.

Third - describe your immediate sensory impressions, in the present tense. For example, 'I see a large yellow banana', or 'I can feel soft, cool, wet sand squish between my toes as I look up at the sparkling white-blue stars'.

Stick to what you can directly see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Direct first-hand experience of fresh info and ideas is what we're after here - you can analyse the content of your session consciously when you've finished getting the fresh ideas.

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