Would you like to know what the single biggest manifesting secret of all time is? Then read on and I'll show you how you can use it regardless of your current skill level today.

Here's a short tip that really highlights the difference between the people who wish for results and the people who can create them at will. I think you'll find the latter to be a lot more fun!

- There's a great saying in the Chinese martial arts about people who end up being 'technique collectors'. They say that people like that have '10,000 knives and not one of them sharp!'

I love this metaphor as it's very true when it comes to manifesting. Reading books about manifesting is not the same thing as actually practicing manifesting.

Practicing and learning manifesting techniques is NOT the same as having already mastered your tool of choice and clocked up some serious time using it daily for anything you please.

The best situation is to get to this point of basic mastery as quickly and smoothly as possible, and then use your rapidly growing skills for anything and everything you want - more money, more happiness and joy, great relationships, anything.

Let me give you a personal example.

I've been into the martial arts for quite a few years and I've always wanted to be able to hit much, much harder. Gradually it dawns on me just to set this as an intention and within a couple of days I had the training information I needed to do it.

I quickly corrected a lot of the dumb things I'd be taught by other people over the years and ended up with a much more natural, organic way of moving that was MUCH more powerful, powerful enough that I was now giving myself sore wrists when punching due to the sheer level of impact on the heavy bag!

I promptly switched to hitting with my palms.

Now did learning this 'new technique' make the difference?

Nope! I did, by actually USING it.

So if you've been 'interested' in manifesting for a while... and don't seem to have much to show for it, check how much actual training time you've logged in the 3 major skill areas.

Remember, all you need to quickly reach a basic level of mastery is just one good goal designing tool, one change-work tool and one manifesting technique.

The fastest way to get amazing results is to FOCUS! Pick a manifesting approach that makes sense to you and do NOTHING else but that for at least a month.

Carefully log how much practice time you're actually doing and aim to thoroughly master that system as quickly as you can before adding anything else to your plan.

Don't read any more books, attend any more seminars or listen to any more audio's, just focus on getting really good at that one thing.

Unfortunately this takes some work and effort, which is probably why people don't like this 'secret' and constantly chase each shiny new thing that arrives. The fastest route to manifesting mastery is in a straight line.

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