Do you know this easy way to turbocharge your manifesting results using the power of hypnosis? Read on and discover how to start using self hypnosis today.

How many times have you heard some well meaning rube go on and on about the power of affirmations?

The main problem with affirmations is not so much the concept, it's the programming method. Your mind is more receptive in some states than others. If you try and jam a bunch of different instructions in on top whilst you're in your usual day to day state of mind it really doesn't make that big of a dent.

If you give yourself suggestions when you are very relaxed physically it works better.

If you give yourself suggestions when you are very relaxed mentally it works better again.

If you give yourself suggestions when you are very relaxed physically and mentally and connected up energetically it works better still.

This is the main reason affirmations have such patchy results - some people rave about them, some people could repeat them for months with no discernable effect at all.

You need to be in a suggestible state of mind to make any impression at all.

Now if you've a lot of experience with NLP or hypnosis you're probably thinking, well there's other ways to slip suggestions into your subconscious mind as well which is of course true, but the process I'm going to show you in a minute is simple, fun, easy to do and has lots of uses.

Plus, once you've got the hang of it you can use it anytime you get a few minutes peace and quiet or even whilst you're dozing off to sleep at the end or start of the day.

Experiment with basic self-hypnosis as follows:

Step 1) Find a comfortable place where you'll have peace and quiet.

Step 2) Count backwards slowly from 100-1 until you feel physically and mentally relaxed, feeling more relaxed with each descending number.

Step 3) In this nice, deeply relaxed state your mind is more impressionable, so we're going to condition it in useful directions... so pick an area you'd like to perform better in, maybe you'd like to feel happier, or more decisive, or simply want to get more done more efficiently, the uses are endless.

Step 4) Formulate a simple, to the point suggestion. For example, 'my concentration gets better and better', or 'every breath I take, my energy level continues to grow'. Keep them short, positive and say them mentally with firm intention.

Step 5) Repeat for as long as you're comfortable doing so. Traditional self-hypnosis gradually conditions these traits in over 21 days or so, faster when you've mastered the alpha-theta brainwave states.

There are many uses for this simple process and once you've got the hang of it you can use it to make you better at any skill, program in any desirable trait you want, and dramatically improve your manifesting.

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