Every fear that we have embedded in our psychological shadows has been used for the last ten years to dis-empower us. All of the large institutions who get air time on the TV, Radio, and in the Newspapers, seem to push the same messages: you can be good if you get all of these material things; you are not good enough; you are better than some race, class, gender, ethnic group, or other nation. All of these things reinforce the idea that we have to gain worth by performing or being better than some other group. Or there is not enough and we have to fight in order to survive. These are the popular beliefs at the core of the socialization process in this nation—unfortunately they are lies.

Every religion that is meaningful and authentic, and every philosophy, tells us something different. Even if we look at one of the most abused religions of the day in the U.S. by politicians and greedy church leaders, Christianity, we will find that it says that you are the light of the world; you are the city of God; the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It doesn't say you must perform a certain way before you get these things; it is all about realization. It is about realizing who and what you really are and as a result of this knowing comes a lifestyle that mirrors one's identity. Instead of hearing this we hear that people are greedy, lazy, angry sinners who have to earn their right to be of worth and to be loved by the divine.

Things have to change in our society. It is time to reclaim religion. It is time to explore our own thoughts, ideas, and feelings about ourselves and separate them from the thoughts, ideas, and feelings transmitted to us by parents, families and friends at a young age and the media later. When we can do this, find our own thoughts and beliefs, we can try them in the fire of logic and awareness and let go of that which doesn't work while adopting that which is true and real. When this happens you will find that the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs you arrived at are aligned with just about every person who was the founder of a religion. You will find the same beliefs and values buried under the fears, prejudices, and need to be better that has been piled on throughout the years by the many of the religious institutions and political systems that housed the original golden, pearl of wisdom.

This understanding and attainment of the essence of all religions and philosophy brings you to real freedom. For real freedom is being able to make your own decisions and formulate your own ideas from what you see, hear, and recognize, not from a memory that is drawing on beliefs and values placed deep in your subconscious before you were even able to protect yourself from them. This type of awakening takes much courage. One must have the heart of the spiritual warrior.

I think that all of us on Earth now have come to Earth at this time period to reclaim our true Selves. All of us on Earth now are very old, powerful souls, that is why we have come here at the worst of times to bring our creative selves and the heaven that dwells within us, into one of the darkest times in western history. To do this we must break free of the western collective shadow and awaken as individuals who are not just born of God and Earth, but who are the hands and extensions of God and of the Earth; of all things. Not only that, but the Mother of God who births the creative power, a creative energy, the embodiment of love into this world and into our lives that is glorious, salvific, and unquenchable like a burning fire that burns away all of the dross in order to create purified gold.

At this time, in this very moment, you are gold. Do not struggle to hard to stop the dross from being consumed by the fiery circumstances put in place by those leaders who are totally lost today. Find a way where you can apply the fire strategically, in your own life, so you can recreate the world around you, and ultimately the world at large that is beautiful, kind, and just. As Earth, Wind, and Fire say, “Turn it into something good. You can choose not to lose find your groove and be a winner. Wake up! Take a step ahead. Wait up to the brighter side.” Let us take all of that anger, greed, and negativity and use it as a catalyst to learn ourselves and teach others how to create a more beautiful world for all of us. It's time for us to wake up.

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Dr. John W. Gilmore (Om Prakash) Is a Writer, Massage Therapist and Body Worker and Wellness Consultant. He has a B.A. in Psychology, a M. Dive., and a D. Min. in Creation Spirituality from Wisdom University. For more writings like this one please visit our websites at: www.dswellness.com and www.philadelphiasatyoga.4t.com where you can sign up for our newsletter, listen to presentations an discussions, and deepen your spirituality. You can also explore our link for Maestro Conferencing, one of the greatest tools for doing teachings and workshops nationally and internationally, and get a free one month trial.