A cast iron radiator can offer a quality finish to any room. This beautiful piece of craftsmanship has a great sense of period character.

Cast iron radiators can work with in rooms of many different styles. They compliment traditional and period designs well and provide an attractive way to heat rooms. A cast iron radiator will also benefit more modern room styles as well. These radiators can be an interesting feature that offers a quality touch to a modern room design.

Practical Buying Advice

When choosing cast iron radiator options you do need to consider a number of important factors. This will help to ensure you get the right radiators for your home. Here are a few basic guidelines to follow when buying cast iron radiators.

1. Quality and Reliability

Whether you are buying refurbished or replica cast iron radiators you must use a reputable seller. Cast iron radiators can be prone to leaking when put under the pressure of a home heating system. Top sellers will have tested each cast iron radiator for sale to ensure there are no leaks. They may also offer a back up replacement/refund policy.

2. Flushing radiators

If you are buying reclaimed cast iron radiators you do need to make sure they have been flushed through. Sediment can build up over the years inside a cast iron radiator. This can cause problems if plumbed straight into the main heating system in your home. It could also invalidate your boiler warrantee.

3. Buying from private sales

Be careful when buying cast iron radiators through private sales such as classified ads. You can never be sure the radiators will be in fully working condition until they have been plumbed in. You could just be wasting your money on faulty cast iron radiators. With private sales you will have none of the consumer protection as when you buy from a company. This means you will not be able to get a replacement or a refund if you get a faulty cast iron radiator.

4. Buying original radiators

An original cast iron radiator has a certain authentic elegance that just cannot be found on a modern reproduction. Choosing original radiators can be more expensive but they do offer that extra special touch to rooms that have been decorated in a period style. There are a number of good reclaimed original cast iron radiators available. These have been restored to their former glory and are ready to be installed.

5. Buying reproduction radiators

A reproduction cast iron radiator can be a cost effective way to create a sense of style and flair in your home. These radiators can be finished to your specifications. This makes it much easier for you to design the right heating system for your home.

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A cast iron radiator can provide that perfect finishing touch to your room design. These elegant, stylish radiators offer a timeless quality to your home.