Prabhat Sharma Reveals How Charities Are Transforming Peoples Lives

Charity serves to breathe lives in both the giver and receiver,” says Prabhat Sharma, a soul that yearns to support humanity with his charity endeavors.

The incredible altruist stresses that charity does not solely incorporate writing checks of millions to the reputed charity organizations. “Charity is all about doing an act of kindness and spreading love, something that is a conscious act but is done from the heart, without keeping an expectation of a reward. In fact, when done selflessly, charity serves to spur the soul of giver and reliefs the problems of the taker,” he says.

 Below, Prabhat Sharma, founder of non-profit ‘Serve Agile,’ reveals the top 5 ways charity is transforming people’s lives.

Charity Fight Global Hunger

Global hunger is a dire matter for it, sabotaging the lives of millions of children and depriving this world of future hope. Prabhat Sharma explains that the primary driver of hunger is poverty, specifically in underdeveloped countries. This issue is intense, giving that it even threatens children’s future, crashing their learning capacities, and thus education. “Malnourished kids are never able to cope up with the studies and end up with no better jobs, making them unable to afford essentials even in the future,” he says.

The mastermind behind Serve Agile, a non-profit working to create awareness about the hot environmental issues, Prabhat Sharma is also involved with ‘Feed My Starving Children’ where his team is involved in packing the food for people of the less fortunate area like Africa, who are vulnerable to malnutrition.

The issue of global hunger deepens the global crises as it is a vicious cycle that is causing all other troubles in the world. “Doing charity that includes sharing your meal with that kid, you saw on the street, can break this chain and transform his life. By contributing to reducing global hunger, you are eradicating the issues of this world on a grass-root level, as every illicit affair begins with humans’ inability to curb hunger,” he says.

Charity Creates Educates Children

Charities that involve educating kids indeed works magically to drive the economies out of extreme poverty. Specifically, in the third world, education charities can enable children to rescue themselves and their families from the snare of poverty, empowering them to create a stable and secure livelihood. “Charities that promote the provision of education are the best for it contributes to lay the foundation of a society that is well-versed and considerate. Specifically, when it comes to girls’ education, education charities are essential as females are the social and economic nurturers of the world. Yet, they are the one who is frequently deprived of their fundamental right to pursue education,” says Prabhat Sharma.

Charity Restores Lives

Each year, places worldwide suffer through extreme calamity, and charities serve to restore lives in such areas. When talking about the current pandemic circumstance, it is charities that have bolstered dooming economies all across the globe, equipping them with the necessary resources to fight against this disease. “Charities have been the major source of support in this time, in fact, many generous souls came at the forefront to help people in need, and without a doubt, this pandemic made us realize that the world still has humanity left,” says Prabhat Sharma.

Charity Protects Environment

No matter how much humans succeed in their lives, unless we protect the realm surrounding us, we can never transform the lives around us. Charities that incorporate environmental protection serve to combat global warming and reduce carbon emissions, protecting the nature around us, giving humanity a space to strive and thrive. “Nature is essential for it helps us heal from the stresses of lives, so protecting the environment for its therapeutic influence is essential to transform lives of humans suffering from depression and anxiety,” says Prabhat Sharma.

Prabhat Sharma, through his platform, ‘Serve Agile,’ is actively committed to creating awareness about the issues of global warming. He has led several beach clean-up drives along with hosting numerous community gatherings to encourage limiting plastics usage and personal waste.

Charities Bridges Discrimination

The marvel of charity is that it creates a society that is free from all the discriminations, be it gender or religion. By eliminating discrimination and spreading awareness about it, charities proffer an all-inclusive world that gives equal opportunities to individuals, transforming the lives of millions across the globe.

Prabhat Sharma elucidates that the significant thing that the charity does to transform people’s lives is to ignite a sense of compassion within the human. “When a human does charity, it fills their existence with positivity to the brim, and so this positivity radiates to the people who receive the charity, does transforming the lives of people, be it giver or receiver,” he says.

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