Imagine, you are a modern, rational business and want to make the most of the internet. You start your online journey and create an online presence. You have an account on all the social media platforms, you created a beautiful looking website and have started various digital marketing campaigns.

You are working hard but despite all your efforts, the sales numbers are not as high as you want them to be. Apparently, working hard is not always rewarding. Sometimes, smart work is the way to go. Changing your approach when it is not working is one way to do it.

You may have analyzed the leaders of the industry and tried to follow in their footsteps. But it is not necessarily what worked for them may work for you. Maybe it is time to change your strategy. Pay-Per-Click may be a very viable option for your business. It is a very productive method to drive quality traffic and is well suited to small or large businesses alike.

What is PPC Marketing?

Remember the small suggestions you get on the very top of your google search whenever you are looking for a product to buy online. If you haven’t noticed, look for a post that has “AD” or ” Sponsered” written next to it, which is PPC used by organizations in the niche you want to buy from.

PPC or Pay per click is exactly what it says. You use a platform such as Google Adword and create an ad for your product. You then Choose certain keywords that would trigger your ads. And just like those people who search for your selected keywords will be able to see your ads. Now here is the tricky part.

How much do you pay for those ads?

Well simple, as many clicks you get! It does not matter how many people saw the ad. You only pay for every click you get on the ad.

However, everyone knows a story or two about PPC campaigns failing miserably and it can be especially difficult to adapt. So here are a few tips to help you grow your E-commerce business via PPC marketing in 2020.

Take it slow

All things worth having are not easy to obtain. Pay per click is a very good opportunity to grow but rushing in head first can be fatal. Instead, start small. Most PPC campaigns are not very successful and the reason behind it is, PPC is a form of communication channel which you have to build.

It does not reap success overnight.

Analyze the market. Find a product that is easier to associate and take it from there. It can be helpful if you have insights on previous customers and their preferences. It will help you establish which product is likely to better.

Know what you need

Many organizations recognize the need for PPC services and use them to grow their business. But not all PPC Service provider platforms are the same. You need to choose which platform suits your needs best.

For instance,

Are you looking to capture the attention of customers who are looking for alternatives? In that case, Google Adwords is one of the best platforms that can be employed to suggest to customers your product as an alternative. This will help you drive the already existing demand for your product. With Adwords PPC model you can choose which keywords will trigger your ads.

Or are you looking to launch a fresh product in the market? In that case, the ad should be more visually appealing and should narrate a description of the product so that the customers can understand what the product does. For that, you need platforms such as Facebook, where you have a chance to include more visuals and captions to get the attention of the audience.

In any case, you have to choose which approach you want to take by evaluating what are the needs of the organization. Lack of it can cause the entire campaign to be unproductive.

Who do you want to show the ads to?

If you are selling a car. No matter how good an offer you make. There is no point selling it to someone who does not know how to drive. They will never buy it regardless of how good your product is. So the moral of the story is to be specific about who you want to target.

Research and evaluate which groups are more likely to buy your product. PPC platforms such as Facebook give you the option to optimize the age group and the area of your targeted audience, this may cost you a little more but choosing the right demographic is very important for the success of the campaign.

Forge the right words

You might have seen millions of ads but only a few stand out. This may be because of the content or how they conveyed the message. In any case, you need to create an ad that stands out too. You want the customer to click on the ad so you have to tempt them to do so. But it is easier said than done. Every organization will try to suggest their alternative to the client. You need to display engaging content to the clients so that your ads stand out.

Active participation

You choose the right platform and created an amazing ad. But your work is not done yet. PPC marketing platforms make it very easy to launch a campaign. It will start working all you have to do is click start. However, you need to actively manage and control all aspects of the campaign. Though you don’t need to do anything. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and you may have to work on the damage control.

These platforms give you the liberty to start and stop your campaigns at will.

You get hourly reports of how the campaign is doing.
You may compare the statistics for previous months.
There are multiple features available on the platforms which are extremely useful only if you are actively engaged in managing the campaign.

Customize your budget

One of the most amazing features of PPC marketing that makes it ideal for small and large businesses is that it allows you to set your own budget. You can increase or decrease it according to your needs and when you reach the said limit, the platform automatically stops the campaign and notifies you, if you want to renew the campaign or increase the budget.

This is a great feature because you plan how much traffic you need and what level of infrastructure is required to manage it. Small businesses, especially cannot manage a lot of clients due to the lack of resources. So this feature helps them to redirect the required amount of traffic until they can prepare for more.

In the end

The Internet is a level playing field. Organizations big and small have an equal opportunity to engage and convert as many customers as they can. Though there is a difference in financial resources. Resources and tools for engagement with the customer are accessible to everyone. So ultimately, everything comes down to the application and communication.

How you use various channels of communication and how you apply your strategies to attract more people. You cannot copy the models of other organizations. As what worked for them does not guarantee to work for you. Besides, people on the internet value uniqueness. They have seen and experienced the same old marketing tricks. So to really get their attention you will have to come up with something different.

In this age of digital marketing, the rule of thumb is, either you stand out or you are lost in the crowd. You don’t want to become just another organization. Instead, you need to do things differently and make a mark.

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William Hills is a technical writer at JanBask. He loves writing and sharing topics on Salesforce Consulting Services, website development services, Java application development, cloud computing solutions and latest trends going around in web world.