After living a pretty miserable existence for many, many years, someone may come to see that feeling powerless is a normal part of their life. This means that they are unlikely to feel this way from time to time, they can more or less always feel this way.

If they don’t feel this way, based on what has happened in the past, they might think that it won’t be long until they do. Still, if they are given a break from feeling this way, they could become consumed by how they feel.

The Exception

Feeling powerful and as though they have control over their life will be something that they are not accustomed to. When they feel this way, it could be because something good has taken place or it could show that they have taken something.

Through taking something, they will be able to feel how someone people feel without needing to take anything. Once this experience has come to an end, though, it could be even harder for them to handle how they usually feel.

Their Whole Being

If they were to describe how they feel when they feel powerless, they could say that it is not merely a feeling. Instead, it will be something that has taken over their whole body, with them feeling weighed down.

It could even be as if they are carrying a heavyweight and while this weight can’t be seen, they can certainly feel its presence. When they are in this state, they will probably feel totally hopeless and helpless.

A Mismatch

If they were to look in the mirror during a time like this, who they see won’t match up with how they feel. In the mirror will be an adult, but they won’t feel like a strong and capable human being.

Even if their physical body is strong, and they are capable of lifting a lot of weight, it won’t have much of an impact on how they feel. How they usually feel will override the physical strength that they possess.

The Trigger

If one was to think about if there is anything that plays a part in how they feel, they may struggle to find a cause. Due to how common their inner experience is, it will then seem as though there are no internal or external factors that play a part.

However, if they were able to take a deeper look, they may find that whenever they think about certain things or have certain experiences, this inner experience kicks in. What they might not struggle to understand is what allows them to feel powerful.

For Example

They may find that their inner world soon changes if they receive a certain type of response from another person. So, if they are acknowledged in some way or given attention, they could soon experience an inner shift.

This could certainly be the case if this comes from someone who they are physically attracted to. At this moment, they could feel powerful and their whole being could be filled with energy.

Looking Closer

If they are unaware of what plays a part in them feeling powerless, they may be aware of what makes this feeling even worse. A break-up, a setback or a frustrated need could end up wiping them out.

They will have felt powerless already, but as a result of what has taken place, it will be even more unbearable. At this point, their body could feel drained of energy and they may just want to sleep.

One Approach

If they were to reach out for support, they could end up being told that they need to simply change their thoughts. Through doing this, it will allow them to feel different and to embrace their inner power.

This might work; then again, one could find that changing what is taking place up top does very little to change how they feel in their body. Ultimately, while one's thoughts can define how they feel, their feelings can also define how they think.

Diving In

If they feel powerless, and how they feel has got very little to do with how they think, it is likely to show that they are carrying trauma. Thus, their thoughts and the external world will trigger what is already inside them.

And as living in this way is the norm, it is likely to show that their early years were not very nurturing. During this stage of their life, their developmental needs, may have rarely, if ever, been met.

A Deeply Traumatic Time

As their needs were rarely, if ever met, it would have been normal for them to feel powerless, helpless, helpless and ashamed. How they felt was a reflection of what was going on.

They would have had no control over what was taking place; they simply had to tolerate it. This would have also caused them to believe that they were powerless and had no control.

Inner Conflict

What took place would have been a lot for their undeveloped being to handle and yet, what they experienced would have been associated as what is familiar. To their ego-mind, what is familiar is what will be classed as what is safe.

Considering this, although being powerless as an adult will prevent them from living a fulfilling existence, it will feel comfortable at a deeper level. Consciously, then, they will want their life to change, but unconsciously, there will be an attachment to experiencing life in this way.


If one can relate to this, and they want their life to change, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or healer.

With this support, one will be able to work through the many layers of trauma that are inside them. Working through these layers is what will allow them to gradually embrace their inner power.

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