Like it or not, there have to be efforts put in for ensuring that your interview goes off well and a lot of it is to do with preparing your mind and body rather than going through tons and tons of syllabus based text material, etc.

One of the most commonly made mistakes is the last minute reading up on the technical subjects which one is expected to face in the interview. We tend to completely or at least partially ignore the behavioral aspects which actually play a very important role in the way we deal with situations and pressures in the interview process. As a matter of fact, a lot of us forget that who we are is what plays a very important role rather than worrying about what we tend to show we are !!

A very famous saying goes like this : "Our financial condition is determined to the tune of 85% basis our ability to present, communicate, impress and command, just about 15% of it is determined by which college or school we attended and what our technical expertise might be."

However, due to our old school thought process of trying to prepare for interviews we tend to ignore the behavioral aspects for which we end up paying a heavy price in the interview. Here's what we can do for starters to ensure that we look and feel good and are aligned to the right thought processes during the interview :
* Know your personality type, enough of web sites available out there which can help you with that piece of information

* Understand how you react to various negative situations, do a quick SWOT Analysis of yourself. Friends and family can help you with that

* Ensure that all the features which are listed as your Weakness and Threats are well shadowed during the interview process, these things can impact your decision making and can weaken the interview to a large extent

* Learn to manage anger and frustration, this is important because each and every person has a different way to deal with these emotions basis their personality types

* Listen to yourself speak by recording your voice and try voice modulation basis what sounds or does not sound good to you
* Focus on mirror techniques to know your body language (refer to my previous articles on this)
* Take feedback positively and DO NOT try to justify your weak points

If you follow the pointers given above rigorously, there's a very high chance that you would be able to overcome your weak points and be able to deliver the results in a positive manner. Knowing yourself is the best way to ensure that you do what's required to be done rather than waiting for someone else to point out and improve you.

Go for this improvement drive and I'm sure you will emerge a changed and a highly improved person over a period of time !!

Author's Bio: 

Hi! I am Shohrat Shankar, a Life Empowerment Coach.

Having trained & coached over 50,000 people from over 50 companies in the last 13 years; after addressing small groups of 10 to large audiences of over 500, I can truly say that everyone in this world is unique, with their very own set of varied talents, strengths, experiences, passions, needs and value systems. Training, interacting and coaching such people has helped me reach my potential as a master trainer, coach, entrepreneur and leader.
I have realized that the greater the challenges in this rapidly changing world, the more relevant they become. And I have definitely faced my own set of challenges that have empowered me to keep moving ahead and given me the courage and belief to conquer my trials and tribulations. This realization made me want to help others through their professional and personal setbacks, obstacles and problems.