According to the latest news, radiologists need to learn new technologies or skillsets for getting better productivity by the integration of AI with radiology practice. Now, radiologists will not be replaced but AI will act as an assistant in every step like diagnosis and prognosis etc.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is an advanced field in which robots are made capable enough to understand the data passed to them and retrieve information according to the context. Using AI, a number of organizations have come that are investing in these human-like thinking machines. Every time a request is made to these robotic machines, their knowledge about a particular context is updated. This is also known as Machine Learning. Due to Artificial Intelligence those actions, in which once only human beings were said to be the masters, are fast becoming the domain of such learning machines.
Artificial Intelligence is of the following kinds:

1. Artificial General Intelligence: The simplest form of Artificial Intelligence is termed as Artificial General Intelligence which is superior in certain aspects to human beings but not in all.

2. Conversational Artificial Intelligence: This is present around us in the form of a chatbot that we generally come across when we visit a website.

3. Machine Learning: It is a science where computer systems equipped with Artificial Intelligence tend to learn and evolve like human beings as per their experience. Applications of Machine Learning include self-driving cars, making a medical diagnosis, and even playing games.

4. Neural Networks: This kind of Artificial Intelligence is modeled just like the human brain to learn with experience and over time. A mistake committed once will not be repeated as the machine remembers like the brain what it is not supposed to do. Examples of this AI are Google’s Chinese-English Translator and Apple’s Siri

5. Deep Learning: This is the next step in AI. Here computers are their own teachers. Such Artificial Intelligence techniques help in programming the machines in such a manner that they are capable of performing high-level thought and concepts such as image recognition.

Artificial Intelligence is a field where the developers have to study the functioning of the brain by observing its reactions and then applying logic on the machines such that the machine reacts in the same manner as a human being. It is a concept whereby the biological mechanisms are applied to lifeless machines.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, it is not the developer who will decide what path must be taken to achieve a certain objective, rather it is the machine that will decide the path based on the input and the goal that needs to be achieved.

Different kinds of AI are available – Reactive, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, and Self-Awareness.
● In the case of Reactive AI, the AI feeds on data that is already present and it basis its decisions on that data such as Chess AI.

● The second is Limited Memory in which the AI basis its decision on the live data provided as input. An example of Limited Memory could be self-driving cars, or robots sensing obstacles in their way (a robot exhibition in JAPAN had this on the show).

● Third in the row is Theory of Mind which has so far not been worked upon much as it deals with the concept that every entity living or non-living has its own concepts e.g. emotions, intentions, motives, etc.

● The fourth is the self-awareness which signifies that the AI is capable of understanding the Theory of Mind of others as well as being aware of its own existence just like a human being.

The use of AI is spreading daily from chatbots IoT (Internet of Things) devices, banking, logistics, supply chain, and almost everywhere. You do come across some form of AI in your daily life. Alexa, Siri, Cortana – the Voice assistants from Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and of course not to forget the Google Assistant, are all forms of AI. Although many companies, startups and established ones, are investing in some form of AI, the major players are in the following given order:
● Amazon
● Apple
● Google
● Facebook
● Microsoft
● Apex Technologies (top-ranked in China)

Artificial intelligence has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It helps decrease the chances of human error, provides a better analytical approach, and converts computer systems into more than just data entry machines. On the other hand, depending entirely on AI could be harmful as well because machines are machines. If humans can fail at times why not machines. Imagine a situation where human beings became slaves to AI. Machines could become smart while human beings would not stand a chance. The movie I, Robot, for instance, showcased some of the dangers that mankind might have to come across at the hands of robotic machines.

Till date, we just see more of the advantages of AI such as knowing your health stats by just wearing a watch, and AI asking to provide us help where we need, but there might be disadvantages we are still unaware of. Mankind has to limit the use of machines and AI somewhere.

Learning AI. That has to be a question. Where to learn AI and how to learn AI? There are a number of AI APIs that are available to us throughout the internet. Proprietary software is available as Open Source to integrate new features that may be developed by budding AI developers. One framework and API for developing AI-based chatbots are the Chatfuel that started around four years back. It is a good place to start.

Future of AI

No. We are not talking about future technology here. Artificial Intelligence has already arrived and is making inroads into our daily needs – from home to office. All the devices that we are using or see around us can just evolve in a better way than now. While we just mentioned the use of devices such as Alexa, and Smart-Phone controlled devices at home, AI is showing its impact in the field of e-commerce also. Retailers gain around 6-10% or more with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

● AI can also be used for taking a better analysis of the market and the management can make better decisions based on that analysis. AI is also being used largely in the banking sector as well as in e-commerce. Besides these, AI can help with providing solutions in the field of supply chain management and logistics. AI can reduce cost and shipping time for operations. It can be further used in marketing for analyzing the profits or losses the organization may incur in the coming times. This can be done by examining the past and current trends. It can help organizations to provide remedial tasks and suggests ways to provide a better customer experience so that the customer stays hooked on to the same brand.

● AI has now been knocking at the door of hardware even. We have seen hardware such as Google Glasses, and Apple Watch, Apple TV, and not to forget the famous Alexa, doing the rounds. Such and even better AI-enabled hardware is sure to come to the aid of us humans. Already bringing about the AI-enabled silicon chip into the market are companies we have known for long such lluviate, Cray, Google, IBM, Intel, and Nvidia.

● Biometrics is yet another feature where AI is stepping into. AI-enabled biometrics can help analyze the behavior as well as the body structure of a human being. Gnitio, FaceFirst, and Sensory are some of the organizations that are working hard to add more to the field of biometrics by making it AI dependent.

● Another developing field is that of Cyber Defense where AI is making in-roads. Coupled with Machine Learning, AI can prevent, detect and even provide solutions for any threats to information or infrastructure. It can thus become a very good agent of mitigating risks in information security.

● When GDPR was implemented in 2017, it was perhaps the first time some of us even heard the word compliance. However, compliance has become a must for all organizations in one form or another. Every organization needs to adhere to certain rules and regulations when making contracts, when passing some data or information, and so on. This in simple words is compliance. AI has stepped into the field of compliance also. Natural Language Processing Solutions can scan controlling text and match them with keywords that are related to the organization. Companies that are working hard on this aspect of AI are, Retch, and Merlon Intelligence to name a few. Due to AI, the number and percentage of frauds will also decrease and this will increase the level of trust that a customer places in an
● Another wow for AI is in the Content Creation field. There are tools available now (of course AI-based) that convert written text into videos in hardly any time. Examples of such tools are Wibbitz and Wordsmith.

● Going further, AI has developed tools that help to read emotions from a human face, perform image recognition, and perform automated tasks instead of the physical systems (Digital Twings – already implemented by General Electric).

The latest news about AI

We all know about UAV’s (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles) or Drones. These drones till late were unable to be controlled from remote locations. There is a recent confirmation that MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has developed an AI-enabled controller for such unmanned aerial vehicles. One system of the AI directs the copter’s rotors for directions while another system controls the rotors for speed and distance. This news was revealed at SIGGRAPH 2019 which was held from 28 July 2019 to 1 Aug 2019.

Ants are known to be small creatures who can hardly do anything themselves. As a unit, they outperform anybody else. This concept was taken up at EPFL where researchers have developed robots weighing no more than 10 grams but can navigate any type of surface due to their many
locomotion modes. They are three-legged creatures called Tribots and are modeled on Odontomachus ants. As such they can crawl and if needed, can jump from leaf to leaf to escape their enemies. The best thing is that Ants have a similar structure but in different conditions, each one of them can work as a leader, worker, or an explorer.

They can be used for emergency search missions or even in military missions to gather data while remaining unseen.
Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have come up with plans to develop an optogenetic tool that is AI-enabled. The tool will enable to switch proteins on and off based on the presence of light. This will help in either starting or stopping certain cellular processes. They will be useful in analyzing the way the signals are transmitted by the nerve cells and be used for curing certain disease also.


In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence is set to evolve further to higher levels. It will improve to that point where AI will become interactive and provide solutions which might become the standards in customer experience. Today, the

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