Do you have problematic dry skin? Some skin types require more moisture than some and sadly, dry skin tends to age more quickly especially when constantly exposed to UV rays and free radicals.

If you have that problem, it would serve you well to learn more about skincare ingredients that would have a more anti aging moisture effect. There are many anti aging moisturizers in the market but for optimal results, you need to educate yourself about which ingredients to look out for so you can get more skincare bang for your buck. Mind you, anti-aging moisturizers can be expensive so you want to make a good investment that guarantees results and will not trigger any side effects. Luckily, skincare anti aging components are easily searchable online but it can get tricky especially if you’re not really an expert or you’re just starting out in building your skincare routine. So, we want to help you by listing three powerful skin care anti aging ingredients that can pack a punch in a bottle with the right formulation.


Hylasome is a chemically enhanced hyaluronic acid that also has an enhanced effect when incorporated in a skincare product. Hyaluronic acid basically traps moisture in the skin but as it is chemically enhanced - it becomes a super moisturizing ingredient that has a different molecular structure that makes your body break it down more slowly which lengthens its effectiveness. This makes it a super ingredient that delivers five times more moisture than the normal hyaluronic acid. Also, it serves as a protection against free radicals, promising better skin health and additional anti aging effects.


Aloe has been used in herbal medicine for generations since ancient times because of its effects beneficial to skincare and other medicinal properties that positively affect overall health. It has a soothing and anti-inflammatory property that has made it effective in common skin ailments such as sunburns, scalp issues, and inflamed skin. Even natural aloe right off the ground has been used by skincare gurus as DIY masks and treatments. In addition to that, aloe has an intense moisturizing effect that makes it so good for nourishing the skin. It helps with dry skin, aids any type of pigmentation, and soothes acne in general. Anti aging moisturizers would usually have aloe as it is super good for the skin, helping it produce collagen which improves skin elasticity and, it goes well with other anti aging ingredients.

Uniprosyn (oat protein extract)

Oat proteins have been used in skincare for a long time as it addresses many skin ailments and has a medicinal effect on the skin. Uniprosyn is an oat protein extract that is like an improved version that is extremely potent and has strong anti aging effects usually desired in moisturizers and night creams. This protein incredibly boosts skin cell regeneration which helps improve your skin’s texture and fights signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It basically stimulates skin repair and revitalization - also contributing to better skin health and a natural youthful glow. This ingredient is usually found in primers, anti aging moisturizers and other anti aging moisture products from dry skin.

These ingredients are so good for your skin and it would be best for you to take note of these next time you go shopping for new skincare products. But always take note that these products are very potent which requires efficient development to be incorporated in a y kind of skincare product. You must always be careful of trying out new formulations as if they are not right for you, it can cause breakouts, allergies, redness, inflammation, and itchiness. You might end up spending more in skin healing treatment than the actual product that caused the issues. So, always try out reliable skincare brands with products that are hypoallergenic and guarantee no side effects even for the most problematic skin type. Radical Skincare offers just that. They assure high quality product formulation and work well with sensitive problematic skin. Their anti aging restorative moisturizer has all those ingredients in one product. Here is a list for full transparency:

Attributes: 1.7 fl oz, 50 ml
Jojoba: Vitamin E & Aloe: Super hydrating, soothing and nourishing to the skin
Hylasome: Has water binding capabilities for ultimate hydration
Synovea: Lightens, brightens and evens tone. Effective on hyper-pigmented skin
Uniprosyn (oat protein extract): Highly effective in reducing lines and wrinkles, smoothes skin and hydrates
Pentaglycan: moisturizes skin’s outer layers for a soft and supple complexion.

There was no animal testing involved in the making of this product and you can get it is listed at $150 on their website here.

So if you’re still in doubt, don’t be afraid to learn about the best skincare ingredients that will be most beneficial to your skin. Learn more about your skin so you can learn what you should be using in your routine to keep your skin healthy, bright, and beautiful.


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