We are the people who we want to believe we are – that is the most basic lesson in dreaming that the world has taught us.

If we want it to happen, there are a lot of means to getting there and no room for excuses.

Setting your mind on a specific goal is still one of the most effective ways to achieve it.

Brain power beats any other influence indeed.

Believers never die – that was the second lesson.

As long as we have something to hold on to – our faith, ourselves or our ideals – we can live every day and not merely exist.

Daily affirmations in life can help a great deal in making our path in life more fun, successful and productive.

Whether it is an avowal in love, health, finance, physical appearance that we are bringing into ourselves, daily affirmations helps us develop a more positive outlook in life.

Here are a few affirmations that can help you lead better days.


o I deserve to be loved. No weakness, deficiency, bad habit or mistake in the past will ever make me undeserving of it. God has loved me from the very start and has never stopped since. If God thinks me worthy of His love, who else then can contest that?
o I will find my true love. The perfect partner for me is just bidding his or her time. He or she will come and enjoy with me the perfect love story. I may meet toads and witches along the way, but in the end, my prince or princess will be waiting in the aisle.


o I am healthy and fit. No sickness can grope me and no illness will stop me from living my life. I am healthy and God will always protect me as His child.
o I nurture my mind, body and soul. I can be sufficient in myself and my strength will see me through. My mind, body and soul are all healthy.


o I am living harmoniously with everyone. I am not offending any race, ethnicity, culture or any group or single person with my acts. I am at peace with my surroundings.


o I am unique. God made me unique and my talents, skills and characters are valuable not just for myself but for others.


o I will be rich through God’s will. I will not result to dirty tricks, but God will see my efforts and dreams and fulfill them. Wealth will come in a wink. My fortunes will be of God’s bidding.
o Happiness will be my wealth. I will be contented with whatever I am blessed with. He knows what’s in my heart and He will give it to me if he wants. I will do all my actions for the love of God and be happy on how he takes on the rest.

Your life really can be everything that you want- success, happiness, health and prosperity.

Start your journey today through the power of daily affirmations.

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Affirmations help develop a positive attitude toward life, which is essential to becoming happier and more successful. A positive attitude is the key to achieving whatever you want. Discover the formula to manifest EVERYTHING you desire through the power of daily affirmations.