The Influence of Positive Thinking

When a person is full of positive thoughts, life is just simply better for them. They seem happy, content and seem to attract the attention of a lot of people. You must have come across people like this in your life some day or the other. When everyone else is crumbling, they will instead just brush things off and move on with their life in full vigor.

What is the secret to the happiness of people like them?

The answer lies in positive thinking. They see the best in every situation. If they lose a job, they use it as an opportunity to find something better, if they lose in a relationship, they try to find a more suitable partner or change themselves accordingly.

More importantly, people with positive thinking are well liked. No one wants to be around a person who moans and groans all the time. No one likes pessimistic people as well. Positive thinking people on the other hand are the first to be called upon for promotions, social events and so on. They always seem to be adding new friends while the ones who do not practice positive thinking struggle to even keep old friendships alive.

A little experiment for you.

If you are skeptical about positive thinking, I want you to try a little exercise. Go ahead and give yourself a big smile right away. When I mean a big one, I mean as wide a smile you can manage. Now, did that make you feel better even if just momentarily.

Your subconscious mind is trained so repeatedly to feel happy when you smile that it feels happy when you force a smile for no reason at all. That is exactly the kind of mind training positive thinking can do for you.

If you are a negative person or struggling with negativity, it takes more than just silly smiling to overcome your problems. You will first need to analyze your mind patterns to find out what you are doing wrong. Once you establish these, you then try to change that pattern by getting rid of those negative feelings.

Here are some things that one can do to get started with positive thinking.

1. Keep a journal - Once you have maintained one for a few days, you will be able to realize that you slip into negativity for the same reasons. It could start after you spend time with the same person every week, or do the same activity every week. Whatever may be the reason, you will find that a set of events in your life that you repeatedly engage in are the ones causing you to think negative and depressed. Once you are able to figure that out, just avoid those people or activities to bring about a new pattern in your life.

2. Do not be lonely - Loneliness is the biggest barrier to positive thinking. It may difficult for loners to all of a sudden just burst into a room and make friends but they have to make the effort to interact with people. Take up a hobby, find something that you like which involves people. You will be surprised how well your mind can refresh with some good company.

3. Wear a reminder - For those who are aware of positive thinking but fail to remember its use in tough times, a reminder is what is essential. Wear a piece of inexpensive jewelry like a ring or a bracelet. It does not have to be anything special but when it is bought, the person should tell himself a hundred times that the ring or the bracelet represents a reminder to think positively. You will have to adjust or look at your ring or bracelet several times in a day and if you are feeling gloomy or depressed, it will remind you to forcibly think positive and help you get out of a mental rut.

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Author's Bio: 

Nick Steven is an M.B.A Graduate working at a hedge fund. He is an avid reader of positive thinking material which he uses to guide his course on life on an every day basis.