This is a new day. Treat it that way.
Do not be burdened by past results or beliefs.
Do not limit yourself today by what you were or weren’t able to accomplish yesterday.

Quit complaining.
Do you like being around complainers? Me either.
If you aren’t pleased with something, change it.
Be the solution.

Stop Waiting For Godot. He isn't coming. You be the one that does something. Don’t wait on others. Be your own difference maker.

Change 'what might have been' into what 'is'.
Time will pass either way. Make it happen. You'll be glad you did.

Do not go with the flow. Stop just surviving. Snap out of it. Don’t sleepwalk your way through life. It is waiting for you.

Commit to your own growth. Be willing to step out from where you are in order to expand your learning and abilities. Take time each day, however small.

What would be written on your mission statement? Is it indicative of the way you are living now? Write it down and adhere to it.

Do the right thing for yourself. Get off the path of self-destruction. Build self-trust by making good choices.

Design the life you dream of. Live it by being proactive in setting and reaching goals.
Take small steps each day. You will reach it!

Get that idea off of the back burner. It won't get cooked. Put it atop some heat and create a wonderful dish.

Use goals for yourself. Set goals with different time frames. The first being one week out, the second being one month out. Repeat and rinse. Write them today. Start them today.

Quit talking about your bucket list. Live a bucket list. Many people make them, but few actually live them. Two things a month minimum should be coming off yours.

Why do you do what you do? Question it. Be slow to change good qualities, and quick to eliminate bad habits. Again, take a step each day.

Life is not a punishment unless you want it to be. Enjoy it to the fullest. It makes little sense to labor in vain. Seek things that fulfill, not kill.

Explore and embrace your passion. Be alive. Take that class, paint that picture, write that book. Start today.

Criticism can be a good thing. It can help to grow you exponentially. But, don’t be affected emotionally by it.

Take the positive approach. Your life and other lives around you will reap the benefits of your positive outlook. Be empowered by your own thinking. Empower others.

Don't be a gossip. Don’t be a backbiter. Be the person you are happy to sleep with. You have to either way.

It really isn’t all about you. Be willing to listen. Be quick with a hug. Empathize with the heart broken ones. It could be you.

I was new at something once. I know how it feels to be uncomfortable. Can you shorten someone's learning curve? Do it.

Your resources haven't even begun to be tapped. Believe in yourself. Shed the limiting thoughts. The world awaits your hidden talents. Share with us please.

Embrace not only who you are but who you can be. I know you and you are wonderful already. Grow yourself in the areas you desire to be even more wonderful.

Leave the past, in the past. Life was not meant to be lived rehashing bad memories over and over. It’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. Today is a new day. Today has power.

Forgive others when appropriate. There are some who are undeserving of your forgiveness. If they don't deserve it, move on. Don't beat yourself up over their actions. It's time to live again. Others do deserve to be set free. Differentiate between the two and respond accordingly.

End bad relationships. You must sever ties that bring nothing but misery into your life. You will find others who are aligned with where you are and where you want to go. Make the journey a little easier.

Seek those who encourage and enable. These people are special. They enjoy lifting others up. Be one yourself, so that it will be easy to spot a kindred spirit.

Build real connections by being real. Quit pretending. Be interested to what the other person has to say. It matters. They matter.

Leave an encouraging message for someone. Let them know they are special. Be specific if they helped you in some way. A friend has told me often how much my website has helped him. He doesn't have to. He just does.

Surprise your spouse or loved one. Let them know that you value them. Actions do speak louder than words.

Don't talk about it. Just do it! Are you still talking about that trip? Or, are you packing your bags? Are you planting the seeds in preparation of the rain? Or, are you looking at the sky wondering if it will rain?

Focus on a powerful quote at least once a day. Start with this one:
Your time is limited; don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Procrastination is a dream killer. Permanently remove it from your life today (not tomorrow!). Stick firmly to preset timeframes.

Network and make new friends often. Some people are able to make it alone, but not most. You never know if the person that you befriend today ends up helping you immeasurably tomorrow (or vice-versa).

Heed your own advice. Is it wise to turn that TV on? How about being persistent? Act accordingly.

Get rid of the clutter. Want a breath of fresh air? Just say no to clutter. Look around at the 7 things you really use. Do you really need everything else? Remove some, and feel the peace.

Relocate. Quit talking about moving here or there. Do it. Get out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself.

Develop yourself early and often. Be willing to acquire new skills. Add value.
Upgrade. Build upon the skills you have acquired. Hone them.

Be willing to try new things. Status quo isn’t much fun. Be different. Leave that dreadful place known as the Comfort Zone. Fortune favors the bold.

Take off. That’s right. Go somewhere. For now, make it a weekend. Make it a night. Even an hour is good. Be free, smile.

Be the best. The reason there is so much room at the top is because few folks are willing to go all out. Are you willing?

Don’t be a settler. There is no romance in being a settler in this era.

Fake it ‘til you make it. Investors help determine stock price by estimating the value ‘going forward’. Sometimes 40-50 times current earnings. Shouldn’t we allow ourselves the same courtesy? See yourself for where you are going.

Listen to people who inspire you. Read the biographies of those you want to emulate. Learn from others who have made it out of worse situations.

Get a mentor or coach. A mentor or coach can get you to the next level. But, only if you’re serious and ready to work. Some will even offer free coaching for a time.

Ask others for feedback. Ask someone successful that you trust what it is that might be holding you back. Be willing to receive and act upon the information.

Put your stamp on the world. Do something that makes a difference. Make your part of the world a little better by giving. Be a mentor or coach. Volunteer. You will see how much you receive, by giving.

Give back more than you take. Don’t be the greedy cat that takes all the pennies out of the dish on the gas station counter. Put a nickel in there.

Quit sweating the small stuff. If your boat is capsized, it’s okay if you don’t think about the milk you left on the counter at home. Focus on what’s really important right now. The milk will be alright.

It’s the little things that matter: a kiss, hug, a game of catch, a telephone call, shutting the tv off, smiling.

Give yourself encouragement. Pat yourself on the back. When you know you did something well, celebrate it!

Don’t worry about perfection unless you’re a surgeon. Really good is really good. And, that’s good enough, really.

Be thankful. Living with a grateful spirit creates wonders. By the way, I thank you for reading this.

Remember that you have choices. You have the rest of your life and you get to choose how to live it. If you let others choose it for you, they will.

Do something silly. Sing the loudest. Make sure you’re off-key. Dance down the aisle at the grocery store. Quit being so darn serious.

Watch the sunrise or set. Look at the different birds you see. Feel the wind gently saying hello. Spy the flowers competing for your attention.

Fail forward again and again. If you don’t quit, every failure is moving forward. Keep failing.

Undertake a big challenge. Decide to run a marathon, or start a blog, or paint your Mona Lisa. Find and accept a challenge today.

Today has power.
Live it LOUD!
You'll be glad you did.

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I am a creative motivator and speaker. I am a happily married hubby, and Father of the three bestest kids ever! I have been published in newspapers, blogs, newsletters and a poetry journal. Through failure, I have learned to succeed. Most learn this same way, no? I would love to help you on your journey any way I can. I want you to know that no matter where you are in life, it's not too late.
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I encourage you to Live it LOUD!