Yoga is a science of well being and fitness, an art to unite mind and soul, a practice to eternal bliss. Power Yoga as the name suggests is a yoga that is a form of Asthanga Yoga and has also some features of Bikram Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. It is a combination of series of postures or asanas that are done slowly in a steady pace. Yoga poses in power yoga are to be held for more time which makes it little bit difficult and there should be proper intake of oxygen between series of poses that are being performed. What Asthanga Yoga is in India is known as Power Yoga in western countries.

The Name was illustrated by an Asthanga Yoga Teacher Beryl Bendere Birch also an author.It focuses on vigorous practice of poses in order to increase body flexibility and increases concentration giving peace and stability to the mind. Some of the poses are held for long duration and it's not an easy task to do only regular and proper practice of this yoga can give and increase your strength to that level where you can flawlessly hold the posture and your face glitters the spark of mental peace and concentration. This is a complete yoga that focuses on every body part and tones the body. Before starting it warm up is needed since the poses that are performed are harder than other poses and requires strength and flexibility. Warm up makes your bones flexible and it becomes easy to perform those hard poses with ease.

It can be painful to the beginners since it requires endurance and strength in the body to hold the poses, some of the poses are of stretching's which can be difficult to perform to the beginners so proper guidance is necessary while practicing Power yoga. But regardless of its difficulty it has so many boons that people are attracted towards it. Especially Studios are there for power yoga that is maintained at fixed temperature and there are many studios all around the world. Coming to the benefits of Power Yoga it has numerous Benefits

•It Increases endurance, Strength and Stamina.
•Makes Body flexible and less prone to bone fractures.
•Helps in attaining Mental Peace
•Aims to unite Body, Soul and Mind.
•Best yoga for Athletes and Sportsman
•Removes Anxiety and Stress
•Since it is performed in heated rooms which lead to sweating and through sweating the toxins are released from the body.

Power Yoga can also be taken as an exercise for toning the body that can give you results faster. Power yoga is not an easy yoga and it needs regular practice to master it and gain benefit from it. Some practitioner stops doing this yoga as they find it difficult to do but what Power yoga needs from you is determination towards yoga and discipline to do it. Starting may seem a little bit difficult to step up but once you became habitual you will find it a bliss to you. There will be a new flow of energy in your body that will help you to connect your body,mind and soul to lead a joyous life.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Cruise is a graduate engineer who is self motivated towards yoga and have enough knowledge of yoga.