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Whenever someone mentions working out, you might be aware of at least some version of the push-up appearing in your vision. However, just like any other workout, the push-up also has a wide range of variations are essential and vital for bodybuilding. Thus, it is one of the most common and popular forms of workout which works out pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids. It starts with a plank with the hands extended and involves extending and lowering your body by using the extending arms.

Here is how you do a push-up variation to go the extra mile:

However, very few people know that there are many different variations of a push-up which are created to target different areas of the body. If you ready to up your push-up game, take notes!

Triceps Push-ups

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This push variation is similar to the traditional push-ups, the only difference is that you bring your arm closer together. This targets the triceps muscles and facilitates better stability of the core. Firstly, you have to lie on the floor with your face down and the hands on a closer position than your shoulders. Secondly, hold your torso up at the arms' length. Then, while inhaling, lower the chest as much as it touches the floor. Next, using some of the pectoral muscles and triceps, squeeze your chest and press your upper body to the original position. Finally, slowly exhale while doing this step. To finish, you can repeat the cycle after being in the contracted position.

Diamond Push-ups

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The diamond push-ups are great for focusing on the triceps muscles. Start with your body in a plank and place your arms in a way that they form a diamond position right under your chest, thumbs touching and start doing your push-ups as you usually would. First, with your hand together and a flat back, get in the modified push-up position upright on your knees. Second, to form a diamond with your hands spread your index fingers and thumbs while extending your arms. Let this be the beginning position. Then, while lowering your chest towards the floor, allow your elbows to break while keeping your back straight and flat. Repeat the required number of reps and back up to full arm extension. You can stay up on the toes than on the knees to make it more complex.

Decline Push-ups

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First, put your feet up a raised platform so that you can maximize your push-up. You can do it using a medicine ball or a bench. You can increase the steepness as you get stronger. Begin with a plank with your feet propped up on an inclined platform and do your push up as usual. Here you can begin with your hands and knees while placing your hands on the ground with wider shoulders. Hence, one should be mindful of limiting the range of motion on the descent.

Following this, carefully move your feet and realign your body in a straight line from hips to toes. While extending your elbows, reposition your hand and lower your chest while bending your elbows. It is important to maintain an aligned and controlled position. Finally, push up until your elbows are straight, unlocked and return to the original position. Thus, you can repeat this exercise for as many comfortable reps you can pull in your regime.

Medicine Ball Push-ups

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Medicine ball push-ups are great for working more on the muscles for the stability of the core. This push up necessitates the use of a medicine ball to perform it and is great for your triceps and chest muscles. You start by placing your arms on a medicine ball so that you are in an elevated plank stance. You can start with the push-up position on the floor while keeping your back flat and hips down. Hence, this way you place one of the hands on the floor while keeping the other one in the medicine ball. While keeping your body straight and bending your elbows, try to descend towards the floor. Hence, when the chest reaches to touch the floor, stop yourself and push back up to full arm extension. Additionally, you can repeat this with the ball on either side.

Dive-Bomber Push-ups

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This push-up variation is excellent for building your upper body while improving flexibility. Start with a downward dog yoga pose, forming a triangle with your body. Now, keeping your legs straight, dip your chest to form a dive. Keep your back arched and arms straight, and reverse the motion to go back to the original position. While getting on all the fours, and resembling an inverted V shape, with the knees in an unlocked position, your back remains flat. While staying up on your position, this is the start of the entire act, slowly lower your hips allow your arms to bend while keeping your legs straight. This way, while you resemble a dive bomber, try to push forward in a way so that your chest nearly touches the floor. Finally, to full arm extension, press back through your hands and repeat the reps.

One-arm Push-ups

push-up variation 6

This is one of the most challenging push- up variations that you can do. It requires immense arm strength and stability of the core as you are using only one arm. You start with a plank with your legs spread wide apart and one arm placed behind your back. Now slowly lower yourself to the ground and go back to the previous position to complete one push-up.

It is okay if the different variations of push-ups intimidate you a little bit. Some of them are admittedly pretty intense. However, the key is to take one step at a time and work your way slowly up. Master the standard push-up first before you move on to the other variations. If you are unable to perform any of the variations, it is okay to give your body a break and try again later. Have fun dissecting the different variations of push ups, and soon you will be able to tell one from the other based on their effect.

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