Goals are a joint effort process: getting in touch with our heart and setting a course; then depending on and being willing for God to direct us one step at a time. ~Sheila West

There is no doubt that power planning can and will lead you down a pathway to success. Not knowing where you want to go, what you want, or how you will get there, is just a setup for a disaster. Some people choose to live a life of spontaneity, which can lead to anything at anytime. But the people who achieve the greatest contentment and success, plan for their future and lives.

Have you ever wanted to do something ambitious but did not have a clue as to how you would achieve it? If you are clear about what you want in life, having a road map can be the most powerful tool to get it.

We all know one thing is for sure; that life is uncertain and we don’t know what will happen from one day to the next. However, uncertainty should not deter you from having a success driven mindset and thinking differently for the sake of planning on purpose. Invest time into power planning and then start implementing your plan. Write it down and make it plain.

About a year ago I gave myself a coaching exercise and I wrote down my goals, plans, strengths, and why I wanted to make the unknown, a known factor in my life. Here is a little snippet of that coaching exercise.

1. What is your dream?

My real dream is to build an empire with my businesses. I want to be a top Leader and Catalyst for Change. I also want to create a creative space for pre-teen and teen girls.

2. What would it feel like if you can accomplish these dreams?

To accomplish these dreams would feel surreal. My faith would be manifested into something much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

3. What drives you to want these dreams?

My ability to connect with other women who have a similar situation as myself, and those who don’t know their worth. This can and will change. Women will start to value themselves and have the confidence to step into their power.

What also drives me is my compassion/love for my kids and the legacy I hope to leave them. My goal is to break generational curses and build something my children can reap a harvest from long after I'm gone.

4. What is one plan that you have to reach your goals?

To stay CONSISTENT. I will never give up. I learned that I am not a quitter even though I’ve been knocked down a few times. I am determined to get to the next level and beyond.

5. What keeps you moving forward?

Fear of living a poverty lifestyle, my children, my goals, and ambitions.
Knowing the world needs my unique medicine.
Knowing that I don't have to impact the masses, but I DO have to impact those who need what I have to give.

See how simple that was. When you write these things down and then look back at them over time it’s like, WOW. It shows you where your mindset was then and is a constant reminder that you have work to do. You know what you want and you are determined to get it no matter what. I encourage you to answer these same questions. Put the answers to your power planning where you can look at them and read them every day if you need to. Program your mind to stay on course.

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C.J. Moses is the founder of Modern Mom Business and She Grows it Digital. She is an Online Business Success Expert, Author, Web/Graphic Designer and chocolate lover. Find out more at http://www.cheryljmoses.com