There are lots of motivational aids like posters, books, audio tapes but the power of motivational videos is highly underrated. Even video clips from popular films like Rocky can seriously motivate one to train hard and pursue their dreams. Sites like Youtube and Video have lots of videos anyone can find motivational because motivation is actually subjective. The video of a paralyzed bodybuilder is more powerful to an aspiring Mr. Olympia while the video of a GSP’s training for an upcoming fight is motivational to a student of mixed martial arts.

Motivational videos don’t have to be about winning competitions or prizes. A successful entrepreneur talking about his road to success and his passion for his work can inspire a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. For example, Steve Jobs’ speech at a Stanford graduational ceremony has inspired thousands of people from all over the world.

Inspirational and Motivational are two different words yet they resemble the same quality – one that compels actions and gives ideas. In order to compel, video clips have to be relatable and humanizing. For instance, the story of a cow’s journey up a mountain won’t emotionally touch anyone, but a man’s climb of Everest can ignite a serious fire in one’s soul.

In comparison to books and audiotapes, motivational video clips have a much faster effect and they’re also usually free. The motivational power of a video is akin to a motivational quote on steroids: it stimulates you in a rather short time. Just like with a quote, all you need to do is find a few good videos, watch them and keep them in mind whenever you feel depressed or lazy.

Videos with motivational content can be used in a number of ways. A football coach can use a video of speech like Al Pacinos in Any Given Sunday to psych up his team before a big game. A teacher can use one of many Lance Armstrong videos to teach her students about not quitting. A runner can use a video of ultra-marathon and triathlon runners as fuel to run further and faster than ever.

Why do motivational videos have such a profound effect on us? They remind us of what we already know, and perhaps of what we forgot. Obstacles in our way make us forget our goals and dreams. They make us settle for less and lose the spirited drive that we had in the beginning of our journey. It’s important to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing or else you risk succumbing to the continuous blows against your morale. So remind yourself - every week or every day, for as long as it takes - by watching a few motivational videos.

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