Tally Software Services or TSS is a TallyPrime subscription you as a Tally user must never miss. It provides you various benefits through the Tally services that help boost your work through Tally.

Though it benefits Tally users in many ways like data synchronisation and remote access, still many TallyPrime users work with Tally with an expired Tally software service (TSS).

Growing businesses with growing demands tend to use up-to-date software and try to make the most of the already made investments. Your existing Tally license can do a lot more with a valid TSS. Here's what you have been missing and top 8 features of Tally Software Service that help you level up -

1. Stay connected with E-way bill portal
The E-way Bill has been made mandatory for a long time now. TSS (Tally Software Services) keeps your Tally connected with the E-way bill portal allowing you to generate verified E-way bills from Tally itself.

2. Stay connected to the E-invoice Portal
Tally was the pioneer GST suvidha provider. And thus, with a valid TSS, you stay connected with the GST portals. E-invoice generation is easy with a valid TSS as you can create individual as well as bulk E-invoices whenever needed from Tally itself. You can generate E-invoices at the time of entry creation thus simultaneously verifying all your invoices.

3. TallyPrime Data Synchronisation
Tally with a valid Tally Software Services (TSS) allows you to sync your branch data with your head office data. Thus giving you a consolidated view of your data at the end of the day. This data can be reviewed to create insightful reports and create effective business strategies. These reports are also helpful in understanding how well your business is working under a particular strategy and if you require to make any changes to get the desired results. TallyPrime data synchronisation gives you complete control over when you want the data to fetch and sync.

4. Remote Access
A valid TSS provides your Tally with the remote access service wherein you can access your Tally remotely from any location and any PC. You can work from home or remotely as you like without disturbing your work in Tally. Another benefit of the remote access feature is that you can access your Tally from client location and create sales/purchase entry and you can also check the availability of the inventory required to fulfill an order before accepting the deal.

5. Validity of a year
TSS comes at a minimal pricing range of ₹5000 to ₹10000 plus taxes depending on the type of Wooster that you're using. This is a yearly one time payment that provides you unlimited services all year round.

6. Get business Reports Anytime
A valid TSS ensures you stay connected with your business no matter where you go. Decisions are better made at the right time. And thus tally allows you to access all your Tally reports from your phone/PC browser at any time and anywhere. Your sensitive tally data stays secure and confidential with access only with the person with the registered ID and password. This makes decision making quick and with no delay.

7. Banking and Payment
Tally TSS (Tally Software Services) provides some amazing features for your banking and payment. You get quick and timely updates about the latest available cheque formats in your TallyPrime. Automatically reconcile all your book of accounts with your bank statements to avoid any discrepancies.

8. Product Updates
This is the biggest and most important benefit of a valid TSS. You cannot miss the updates that are released multiple times in a year to improve the user experience as well as introduce new features. Tally comes up with new Tally release versions multiple times in a year and when you have a valid TSS you get these updates for free.

We can conclude how the above mentioned features provided by a valid TSS are very useful services for Tally users as it keeps you connected to all the required portals and also your other branches so that you do not have to face any inconvenience while managing your Tally data.
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Author's Bio: 

Riyaz Tamboli is a Director at Antraweb Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of Tally ERP solutions built on the Tally platform.