Simple Tip # 1: Give something away that costs you nothing, every day for 10 days It could be priceless to the recipient.

Do this every day for 10 days and see if you feel differently, or if something good happens to you, or if you make someone else feel better. If you miss a day, start over with day one. When you see the improvement it’s likely you’ll want to continue for another 10 days, and another 10 after that. If you are resistant to this idea to Brighten Your Life; “I don’t have enough time.”….” Who’s she kidding?”… “I don’t have the energy.”…”That won’t help me pay my utility bills.” (it might) Then take 10 to tap on your resistance or limiting beliefs.

Use some of the below examples to inspire you trigger your own ideas about simple, cost-free “gifts”. They’re just suggestions…and some inspiring stories. You don’t have to do all of them. Please let me know your results. I’d love to hear your stories, and with your permission I’ll publish some of them on my website.

1) Give verbal appreciation and a little flower to a person of service; a store clerk, grocery bagger, wait-person, bus driver or anyone else that makes your life a little easier. Service people usually get tips too, but often other acknowledgement can be more valuable to them than money (but leave the tip too.)

Remember other people who help you (whom we sometimes take for granted, like your mailman (person,) who sometimes brings your mail to the door, in spite of your dog. Or, find your paper boy (person) who hardly ever throws your newspaper in the water, or the patrol officer who protects your street and hardly ever tows away your car.
“The best way to “make your day” is by having someone
tell you that you have made their day.”

2) Offer a few words of encouragement to someone who seems to need them. Let the situation guide you. Sometimes just listening or asking if you can help is enough.

3) Write a “gratitude note” or even an e-mail, thanking someone who has touched or motivated you in a meaningful way. “Hey Brad, I just wanted to let you know that your advice about my girlfriend really made me feel better. You’re the greatest.” …. “Hi Nicole, Thanks for driving me home the other day. I know it was out of your way so it was very thoughtful of you to do that. I hope I can repay the favor someday.” …. “Dear Ms. _______, I read your free article online today about______ and wanted you to know that it has already helped me in understanding my son. Now I know what I need to tap on. Thank you so much for this unexpected gift.”

4) Leave an anonymous gift; a flower, poem or cute picture to someone who usually gives to others. They will be thrilled with the surprise and will probably tell everyone they see about it (or they might worry that someone is stalking them.) Then, 10 days later, if you want, tell them it was you who appreciated them.

5) Show a kid (or an adult) how to tap away their sadness or hurt feelings; “Even though I’m feeling sad because my goldfish died, I know I’m a good kid.” “Even though I just found out that “Big Bird” is 57, mommy and daddy love me (and aren’t that old.”)

6) Help someone: Assist an elderly person (not me) or a physically challenged person across the street, through a door or lifting packages. Help a tourist take a picture of their whole group so they can be in the shot, (My husband always gets in the group photo with them, if I’m taking the picture. I’m sure they later say “Who’s that American in the back row?”

7) Solicit advice from, or ask a question of, an older person even if you think you already know the answer (or could Google it.) It makes us old people feel good to be asked for their opinion, expertise or wisdom. And you might actually learn something from it. (And no, I don’t need to tap on my age. I feel good about it…sort of.)

Here’s my one of my favorite’s…

8) Write a little rhyme for an interesting person in your life. There’s a great memory I have from almost 25 years ago. It’s about Bobby, the shoe-shine vendor in our office building. Bobby, who was always jovial and had an iridescent personality, usually sang popular tunes while working. People using his services or walking by would often join in and sing along with him for a few bars. When things were slow in his booth, Bobby played his harmonica and danced around in the lobby. He was always singing, dancing or making people happy just by being himself. So it really touched him when someone took the time to write the simple little poem for him below. Bobby was so thrilled with it that he had it framed and hung it prominently in his work station.

There once was a fellow named Bobby,
Who had an enchanting hobby.
He chased away blues,
By shining our shoes,
And danced in the building’s front lobby.

For as many years as I knew him, he was still proudly showing the rhyme to people saying “This was the best tip I ever got.” It was just a simple little thing, but it had a big impact on a lot of people…as did Bobby. Hey, I remember it all these years later and can barely remember what I’m wearing, unless I look down!

9) Make one unexpected call a day for 10 days (or 10 in one day,) to friends or relatives just to see how they are doing. Especially call people to who are always being asked for favors (without asking for one.) Just ask about them; what they are up to, how they’re feeling, etc. Preface your conversation by saying “I know you don’t have much time, so I’ll just borrow a minute of it. I was just thinking about you and….” Chat for 2 minutes, ask some questions and sign off. They’ll love it.
Jack, my darling husband and very affable guy, was in the hotel business for almost 40 years. People would call him all the time to ask for favors. They’d spend 2 seconds saying “How are you?” then without listening would usually say “Hey, can you help me get a deal on a room for my sister’s cousin’s nephew’s wife’s mother?” After 39 years and about a thousand favors later he got tired of it. Finally he started saying “I’ll be glad to help you, but could you call me once in awhile and just ask me how I’m doing?”

Please read the 10th suggestion below to “Brighten Your Life”. This one is my favorite since it demonstrates how life-changing a smile can be. One man’s smile changed my life forever.

10) Give a big smile at someone you don’t know, every day for 10 days. They may think you’re nuts, and it may not always be returned, but you never know when it might change someone’s day or life.

Years ago there was an “elderly man” who rode the elevator with me almost every morning (he was probably the age that I am now, yikes). He seldom said anything other than a cheerful “Good morning” or “Hello”, but his smile was huge and dazzling. One day I complimented him on his beautiful smile and told him I looked forward to seeing it every day.
His face lit up and he introduced himself as Ed. He then started telling me the story behind that smile, which I’ll condense. Ed told me how he had been in a serious car accident the previous year and had lost his right leg, all of his front teeth, and almost lost his life. He continued smiling while telling me his story, and instead of sounding sad or sorry for himself he was surprisingly cheerful. He went on to say “So once I got my life back, a new artificial leg and shiny bright teeth, I just haven’t been able to stop smiling! I appreciate every moment of every day.” Wow, great attitude.

Ed was genuinely happy that I had noticed his smile and that he could share his story with me. In turn it made me feel good. It was such a little thing, but it ended up being significant for me. We chatted a few minutes in the elevator every day after that. Then one morning he introduced me to Beth, the lady who occupied the office next to his. She and I became friends and I later put her together with a huge account that turned her business around. She later introduced me to Joan, who eventually introduced me to my husband-to-be, Jack. Who could have known that a comment about a smile could bring such happiness?

This first of 10 Tips to Brighten your Life; “Give something away everyday” is a bit like the premise of the movie “Pay it Forward” (Do rent it if you haven’t seen it.) After doing this tip, many of the benefactors you touch will want to “pay forward” your compliment or kindness.
The beauty of this gift-giving tip is that it costs nothing to give your words, smile, time or gratitude, and yet the benefits could be priceless.

Again, after you’ve completed this tip #1 to Brighten Your Life, send me your results and with your permission, I’ll put it on my website (I will use a pseudonym instead of your name, upon your request.) Please feel free to pass this on to others. Stay safe, be smart, and tap on choosing to make this adventure fun and easy.
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