He Searches for someone to be complete, the perfect powerful equal to himself in finances, career, attitude and style. Be sure to wear your cape, tights and Tierra when meeting this man. You will be tested.


 Whether from the highest of echelon, or the red neck trailer park scene, each crowd has a Power Couple. Gay or straight they stride into a room and everyone melts. They are fully aware of their impact and power. The perfect party would not be complete with out their appearance. They probably own the equivalent of a castle and moat….even if its equivalent is the best trailer in the county. Together they overcome all the odds and are the theme of Harlequin romance novels, films and Valentines Day specials.


For all the fairy tale couples that have fallen apart, there are those that believe together they are a fortress and team. One mate is usually NOT weaker then the other. Here are rules that powerful couples that last share in common:

  • Power couples know, that to maintain their status they have to be super achievers together. They are constantly building on their appeal together… not living off it.
  • Power Couples that marry their equal challenge them and helps them evolve,
  • The combined force of a Power Couple makes their individual personalities even greater as one, paying off commercially and publicity for what they stand for.
  • Power couples that last understand each other’s needs and pressures much better than someone who isn’t in the same league.
  • Power Couples tend to be calm in the eye of the storm, growing together from there similar ability to handle crisis smoothly.
  • Power Couples that stay together usually come from the same back ground, whether rich or poor, and understand each others values and needs. Stories such as Princess Dianna would have us believe that marrying into wealth was easy, when in fact she felt as if she were on her own and never completely accepted.


A couple who has been together less then a week, acts as if they have been married for twenty years, to wit they never leave each other's side and have changed their Face book profile pictures to a photo of the other person.


As an Intuitive Psychic Counselor, one of my most common questions is from women searching for a rich powerful man. I found this exert from a book written in 2004 by Angela Wilder, “Powerful Mate Syndrome”

“For years I clung to the fantasy of being a helpless princess who would be taken care of by my omnipotent prince. That fantasy kept me from realizing that there is a world of difference between being cared for and being taken care of. A healthy marriage is all about being cared for, allowing each other room for independence, intellectual growth, and emotional expansion. Being taken care of, on the other hand, fosters dependency, intellectual atrophy, limited life experiences, and stifled creativity; it certainly does not cultivate self reliance. When we make our mates our gods we end up worshiping them and lose sight and sense of ourselves. In my marriage to James, I sacrificed my own career ambitions. I came to rely on my husband to validate me as a person. I stopped voicing my own opinions on things that mattered to both of us, and I did not believe that I had the right to "complain." In short, I became a glamorous appendage to a powerful man.”

Yes, Powerful couples can make it last! But before you don your super man cape, tights and Tierra for your first power man date, search carefully into your expectations, common interests and pit falls. 

Author's Bio: 

Ann Marie is an intuitive coach for individuals going through the 40 days and nights of the wilderness. Though at times her readings are extremely honest, she offers strategy and hope for a better tomorrow.