From May 1984 AD I stopped all possible activity of gross stature pertaining to the gross body. This means meetings, union, conversation, discussions, advice etc all stopped. Only under very exceptional circumstances this rule was not followed. Inert laws pertain to inert objects. Consciousness has its special state. Despite remaining alive, despite being dead it is known to behave as though alive.

The aim of subtlizing my psyche is to render manifold powers based on the 5 Sheaths. When 2 bodies unite they remain 2 mathematically. But in the subtle world Mathematics like Algebra, Geometry etc does not work. That world has its own set and method of calculation. In school Mathematics, 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8. But in the subtle world, 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 = 16. Many a time subtle energies are seen to leap more gigantically than this too. The 5 Sheaths are Food, Vital Force, Mental, Intellectual and Bliss. Grossly speaking if all the 5 sheaths of man are awakened that person’s potency jumps up 5 times. But as far as Divine Math is concerned it becomes 3125 (5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5). The 5 material bodies in our gross body can function only as per worldly math calculation. Even as long as consciousnesses’ 5 Pranas (vital force) remain within the boundary of the gross body, they can function only like 5 wise people. But as soon as they are subtlized worldly math calculations do not apply to it and thus the radiant subtle body has 3125 times more power to function.

In the epic Ramayan, Hanumanji performed many mind boggling feats which were nothing but miracles of the potent subtle body. As long as Hanumanji was gross he remained Sugriva’s servant. Via speech Bali too insulted Hanumanji along with Sugriva. But when one takes recourse to the subtle body consciousness can achieve anything.

This task of Era transformation has been given to assist Almighty Lord. The time span of era Junction will last till 2000 AD. In this time span not my gross body but my subtle and causal body will continue functioning. Thus I will shoulder all my responsibilities as before. I have to work according to the 3125 fold divine energy that I possess. There will be no limitations as far as law of time is concerned. Thus the task I have taken up will progress with the help of other bodies. Writing is a gigantic task that I am performing and ceaselessly it will go on till 2000 AD. It is another thing that the writer whose fingers will actually write my thoughts on paper will be someone else. My speech will not stop. It is another thing that instead of my tongue it will be someone else’s tongue that will talk. As of now my activities have been carried out in Mathura and Haridwar and within the realm of Hindu religion. In future there will be no limitations like nation, community, sex, religion, language etc. Wherever in the world help is required of any kind my subtle sense power will act as per demand of time.

Wise people should remember that whether one can or cannot talk, meet etc this visible gross body yet my responsibilities I shall shoulder in my area of activities with manifold zeal. Help will always be there. The age of my Guru is more than 600 years. His subtle body has merged into my soul. Every moment his divine shadow is present behind me. There is no reason to believe that exactly in this manner I will not use zestfully my divine potential for pious people in their great tasks. Right till 2000 AD readers and members of the All World Gayatri Family will receive my thoughts in the name of Brahmavarchas via magazines, booklets, folders etc.

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