Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms occur in many women. During the leading days of periods many women experience abdominal pain, headache, mood swing, irritability, etc. Premenstrual syndrome also known as ‘premenstrual tension’ is common among the menstruating women.

Though PMS is not severe, majority of women find it difficult to cope up well. Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms are worse in some women as they fail to go well in everyday lives. Form few days I have been researching about Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms. I was trying to find out: What kind of healthy food can beat irritability, bloating, mood swing and depression that can help women to relieve the symptoms?

Though there is no ‘cure’ for PMS symptoms, some lifestyle and diet plans changes can cut down the discomfort. Premenstrual syndrome symptoms might be more severe in a week or two before the cycle begins. The fluctuating brain chemicals and hormonal changes play a vital role. What women eat and drink can have an effect.

Women who are experiencing heavy period cramps are not getting enough nutrients. Diets that lack calcium, Vitamin B, Vitamin K and other nutrients can cause severe PMS. For example, lack of magnesium can cause mineral deficiency. When you don’t consume essential nutrients it can cause PMS symptoms.

Here are best foods to increase nutrients and decrease PMS symptoms: Check out the most Delicious and healthy snacks for PMS cravings by Tania

Fresh plant diet

Studies suggest that 75% of women experience PMS symptoms. In order, to boost the energy levels eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. Avoid junk food and high sodium diet which can worsen the water retention during periods.

Calcium rich food

The most suggested food for women is calcium. Calcium is an effective dietary treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms. Some good choice includes milk, broccoli, yogurt it goes long way in reducing the menstrual cramps. Your brain, body, nerves and muscles need calcium to function properly. Calcium is the solution for women who suffer from back pain.

Fiber rich food

Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms can cause gastrointestinal symptoms and anxiety disorder. Fibre helps to maintain hormonal balance and binding estrogens level in the body. Fiber is critical for better health.

Leafy vegetables

These vegetables are highly nutrients they contain lots of calcium and magnesium as well as vitamins to get rid of the period cramps. Try natural food, chemical free food. Adopting organic food is a good idea for healthy diet.

For healthy estrogenic metabolism Flaxseed is a key component to get rid of PMS symptoms.


Wheat is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B. They are highly nutritious eat avocado they are rich in healthy fat, nutrients, vitamins it provides potential does to fight PMS.

However, there is no evidence that prove diet can reduce PMS symptoms but the fluctuating brain and mind can play a vital role. What women eat and drink can make lots of difference. Whatever so healthy good food habit plays a vital role unlike the junk food. Do you feel the same share your opinion?
Healthy food plays vital role to get rid of PMS?

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