People all around the world enjoy potato chips as it is one of the favourite snacks. It is considered the universal snack loved by people of all ages. Though there are controversies regarding the health issues of this delicious snack, today there are a number of manufacturers who are engaged in the production of chips which are far healthier.

All about These Delicious Snack

Potato chips found its early origin in Saratoga Springs, New York in the year 1853. It was actually a slight variation or a make over from the thick French fries to light and crispy potato fries. Invented by George Crum, a cook in Saratoga Springs, this delicious snack proved to be the best tasty snack in the world.

Potato chips happen to be one of the most popular and leading snack not just in India but in many of the western countries. It is known by different names in different countries. There are many leading brand names associated with the production of chips. Some of the most popular names which are synonymous with chips include Lays, Ruffle, Bingo and so forth.

It is quite easy to identify potato chips as it is sliced in thin layers and fried to form crispy wafers. It is also known as wafers in some of the countries. It is dark around the edges and is crispy in texture. Though there are many companies that manufacture chips of various tastes and flavours, it can also be made at home. Home made chips are delicious with just the right amount of calories. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to fry them.

It is known by the name potato chips in the United States though it is known as crisps in U.K and other countries. Different varieties of chips give a different calorie count.

Different Types of Potato Chips

The first chips were known as Saratoga chips which were invented by George Crum. Later on it underwent a number of transformations and came to known by different names. One of the most popular brands includes Lays which was named after Herman Lay in the year 1932.

Today it is available in different flavours including classic salted, barbeque, cream and onion, tangy tomato, pudina punch, magic masala, spicy chips and so forth. With the collaboration of Indian tastes, many new varieties of different tastes have been launched in the markets today. The Indian spicy treats are being incorporated to the existing version of potato chips giving a whole new taste to this delicious snack.

Another variety of potato chips is the Pringles, which is made by cooking and mashing potatoes. It is then dehydrated. Pringles are also available in different flavours such as salted, spicy, red chilli and masala.

A variety of potato chips can be bought from many of the online stores at comparatively reasonable rates in bulks. It is important to buy chips which are cooked in fat free oil so as to ensure that it is healthy. The low fat chips are quiet popular as it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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