With Summer parties and Outdoor Holiday events coming up, you can expect to spend a lot of time on your feet, which can get pretty uncomfortable the older we get. But it only takes a few simple adjustments to keep from walking around like the tin man and looking like a hunchback with poor posture. Master the art of the “lean” by staying near walls, corners, buffets, etc. Also make sure you wear comfortable shoes. If your regular dress shoes are not meant for extended standing or walking, consider buying the same shoes a half size larger and wearing socks with an extra cushioned heel or a gel-heel insert. Keeping your knees loose while standing also helps prevent fatigue, so don’t lock your joints. You’ll feel more pressure on the knee and ankle joints when they’re locked as opposed to when you allow your muscles to pick up some of the load. Likewise, good posture can help delay or prevent back pain. You should aim to keep your shoulders more or less in line with your hips, with shoulders relaxed and no excessive arch backward or hunching forward. Ready for the bonus round? Use these tips any time you’re standing or walking and you’ll strengthen your core and the rest of your body for a more youthful appearance.

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Grant Donovan is a successful entrepreneur and founder of many disciplines including aviation, automotive, political, anti-aging and life coaching to name a few. But it is his passion for health, nutrition and fitness that he attributes as the leading factor for his success. All of which led him to create mensfitclub.com to share his large breadth of knowledge with the everyday man, and empower them to make the changes that will help lead to their success. He believes a life in balance of mind, body and soul is a life well lived and only when achieved can one unlock their true potential. At age 60, Grant serves as a living example of why staying healthy not only helps you live longer, but the improved quality of life, will allow you to push past boundaries and reach new heights you never knew were possible. With his inspirational personal journey of achievement he has motivated over 350,000+ subscribers to make a positive change in their life and guide them on their pursuit of happiness.