Some people with anxiety drink alcohol excessively as a means to overcome anxiousness and worry. Although it may help you to counter feelings of severe anxiety and panic, it is easy to become dependent. Drinking excessively will often worsen anxiety in the long term. There are better and more natural tips for panic attacks.

The imagination is a highly underrated tool that is key in helping people become confident and successful in life. Imagine that you are an assertive and confident person and imagine living without panic attacks. Stop yourself from negative thinking and begin to adopt positive habits and thoughts.

As you already know stress and anxiety can disrupt the normal sleep cycle. Constant stress and worry has a diminishing affect on your health and quality of life. Avoid drinking too many caffeinated drinks in the day since it can aggravate anxiousness and worry.

Like nicotine caffeine can be overly stimulating for the mind and body and make you feel worse. An alternative hot beverage like passionflower tea is far better for you. Herbal teas can help to reinvigorate the body and mind and come in all sorts of flavors.

Exercise is a helpful preventative measure in how to stop a panic attack as it helps burn up excessive adrenaline that can fuel an attack. The idea of sweating, hard work and aching muscles isn't the most alluring past time for most people. However, you don't need to go to the gym and come out in pain to exercise. What's more there are simply hundreds of ways to get fit and healthy such as yoga, swimming, cycling and kickboxing. Exercise is not just good for you physically, but also mentally.

People find that exercise can help boost self-esteem and confidence. Through exercise, stress hormones are expelled leaving you feeling more relaxed. As well as physical exercise, we need to exercise our brains. Lack of mental stimulation during the day can affect our mood and behavior negatively. Get into the habit of doing something that challenges you mentally everyday.

Give something new a go or learn something that isn't usually in your realm of interests. Even playing Sudoku or other puzzles will help stimulate the brain. They can also be an excellent distraction from anxious thoughts and worry. Frequent exercise of the mind strengthens it, making it more powerful. Similarly to physical exercise, you should avoid too much mental exercise before sleep. This brings me to my next point, relaxation.

Listening to soothing and gentle music plays an important part in relaxation. When you listen to enjoyable music it makes you feel good since it can induce the brain to produce endorphins. If you feel tired and stressed put some music on to help you relax. All of these positive habits may not seem like much cures for panic attacks and anxiety but combined they can make a difference.

Body massage is also a great method for relaxation. People find massage deeply relaxing and calming both mentally and physically. Take it in turns to massage with your partner or even a friend. You can find lots of free information online about massage to learn the basics. Once you've experienced how deeply relaxing and reinvigorating massage can be, you'll realize how much stress and tension you were holding.

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