You have been given a wonderful power within your mind to change your life and create a life of happiness and joy. If you can learn to properly use affirmations and adapt your life to fully take on this positive thinking technique, you will have the chance to finally get past all those negative thoughts that are holding you back and be able to bring in the positive thoughts to nurture yourself through all the ups and downs of life.

Affirmations can be very powerful but can also be completely useless if you don’t know a few of the main points that make them life changing.
The power of this technique is in the repetition.
Once you are feeding your mind the right kind of thoughts, you will start the process of change in whatever you deem is not working for you. So, the more often that you repeat the positive thoughts throughout your day, the more powerful they become. To point out the opposite effect, if you only repeat once or twice and only remember to do them once a day, the less likely you will experience any meaningful change.

Another powerful thing to do when you’re working with affirmations is to say your affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror. This will probably make you feel a bit uncomfortable at first but eventually it won’t feel so abstract and you will get the extra benefits from your affirmations. By looking at yourself, you will reach your deeper self and be able to affect the subconscious thinking that tends to dictate our actions and outcomes in life. The eyes are a path to acknowledging your spiritual self, which is the exact part of you that needs to feel the adjustment.

Below you’ll find a few example affirmations, which you can definitely use as they are affirmations that are relevant for everyone. It is more personal and life altering if you can come up with a few affirmations yourself that are a direct connection to what you need to change in your life. The first step in creating and using your own affirmations is that that should be based in the present tense, as if you’re experiencing it right now in your life, and that they contain positive statements as opposed to negative statements that are describing something you want to stop in your life. Our brains are wired to pick up on the main word of a sentence, so make the words all positive. Check out these examples below for some guidance and be sure to create a few more personal ones for yourself:

  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I embrace all experiences in life.
  • Everything in my life is exactly as it should be.
  • I embrace my spirituality.
  • I create my life.

Repeating these positive thoughts out loud are most effective, but if you’re somewhere that isn’t appropriate for you to be saying your affirmations out loud, you can either just repeat them in your head or write them out. Going through your affirmations 3 times a day is most beneficial and repeating each 10 times.

Your mind will want to resist these new and constant positive thoughts, so be aware of this feeling in yourself as a desire to not want to do them, or thinking they are not working, or thinking that it’s a silly thing to do. Repeat your affirmations even when you don’t want to. It will be even more beneficial to have succeeded in the exercise when your mind was resistant to start with. Affirmations will also be a great confidence booster when you need it. Be sure to say them when you need to be feeling extra confident like when you're starting a new job, taking on a new experience or any major and minor change in your life. One last important point about the use of affirmations is to repeat them right before you go to sleep. Let those uplifting powerfully, positive thoughts be the last thing on your mind as you drift off to sleep.

Positive thinking needs to encompass your life. Whether you have some minor changes you want to make in your life or you find almost every aspect of your life is not going right, affirmations will start your mind in the right direction to thinking in a way that will show the benefits on the outside. Our minds are so powerful that we can alter the world around us just by maintaining the right kind of thinking. Take on this one positive thinking technique to keep yourself on the positive side of your mind and affect your internal and external life for the better.

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