On one level, it could be said that there is the intellect, and on another level, it could be said that there is the emotional body. However, although these are two aspects that all human beings have, it doesn’t mean that everyone embraces both sides.

There are going to be some people who are completely identified with their mind, and it will then be a challenge for them to get in touch with how they feel. At the same time, there are also going to be people who are in touch with how they feel and yet they are unable to think clearly.

The Ideal

It could be said that the ideal will be for someone to embrace both of these aspects, and as a result of this, it will be possible for them to function as a whole human being. Through this, not only will they be able to think about life; they will also be able to feel life.

By being in touch with themselves, it will give them a greater chance to live a fulfilling life. This is because they won’t be living on the surface of themselves, and it will then be normal for them to embrace life.

The Intellect

When someone uses their intellect, they might be able to step back from what is taking place in their life and to reflect. Along with this, they can also think about their life, and look into whether they are doing the right thing, for instance.

But if they can’t detach from their experience, it can be a sign that they need to develop this part of themselves. Without this ability, one can end up being caught up in their mind, and they can then see their mind as a problem.


However, just because someone’s mind is out of control, it doesn’t mean that it is a problem. What it is likely to mean is that they haven’t taken the time to understand their mind, and this is probably because they have never been shown.

This is not to say that it is up to other people to show them and that they are not responsible for their mind; what it comes down to is that it can be normal for one to expect other people to educate them about themselves. For example, one is educate by the system and if they ever have any kind of health problem, they are likely to go to the doctor.


What this can do is set someone up to depend on others in order to know anything as opposed to taking the initiative themselves. Authority figures can then be seen as the experts and one can doubt their own ability to not only educate themselves, but also to understand themselves.

The years one spent in the education system can also put them off learning altogether. But if one has the need to learn something, they are likely to find a way, and it will then be down to them to put the work in.

Worth The Effort

The effort they need to put in to be able to observe their mind will be worth it in the end, and this is because they will no longer be enslaved to their mind. This could be something they will be able to achieve through meditating on a regular basis, for instance.

However, if one could only observe and they were unable to feel, their life is unlikely to be very fulfilling. In this case, they could be like an athlete who is always on the sidelines and unable to participle in what is taking place.

Emotional Body

Without the ability to feel, one is not going to be able to feel alive, and this part of them will also play an important part of them knowing if they are on the right track. Being able to step back and reflect is one thing, but they might only get so far if they are out of touch with how they feel.

The feedback that their feelings provide will give them the insight they need when it comes to what is important to them. If they are on the wrong track, their feelings will soon let them know.

Both Sides

When one is in touch with their feelings, it is going to mean that they will be in touch with both sides of the emotional spectrum. Not only will they be able to feel really good, they will also be able to feel really bad.

This is because it is not possible to have one without the other; the only way to avoid feeling bad would be to no longer be able to feel good. But just because one has the ability to embrace both sides on the emotional spectrum, it doesn’t mean they have to be controlled by their emotions.

Emotional Containment

When one has the ability to contain their emotional experience, they will be able to embrace how they feel. Through having this ability, they can not only pay attention to what is taking place in their mind; they can also embrace what is occurring in their body.

Each part of them is acknowledged, and there is then no need for them to deny what is taking place within them. This is not to say that they will always face how they feel, or that they will always be able to face their feelings by themselves, but at the same time, they are not going to have a habit of denying how they feel either.

Inner Harmony

Through being able to accept what is taking place within them, they are likely be at one with their mind and body as opposed to seeing their body as being separate. This is not to say that these two parts will always be in agreement; what it means is that they won’t need to ignore part of themselves.

If they were to experience an emotion that was ‘negative’ they can look into why it has appeared. Through taking this approach, the conflict within them can be dealt with and it won’t need to consume their life.

Positive Thinking

However, if someone has the need to be ‘positive’, they might avoid their ‘negative’ feelings. This can then set them up to disconnect from not only their ‘negative’ feelings, but also their ‘positive’ feelings.

As a result of this, they can end up feeling separate from their body, and it can then be normal for them to experience inner conflict. In the beginning they might be able to overlook how they feel without experiencing too many problems, but over time, this is likely to change.

Inner Conflict

On one hand, they can then have the need to experience something, but on the other hand, they can end up experiencing inner resistance. Or they could be drawn to people who are not healthy and then wonder why.

At one point in time, they might have been aware of why their body is responding in this way. Yet through losing contact with their feelings, it is not going to be possible for them to understand what is going on.


If one has the need to develop their ability to contain their emotional experience as opposed to denying how they feel, they may need to work with a therapist. This can be a time where they will be processing the emotions that they have been avoiding.

Through doing this, and through the therapist’s positive regard, they may begin to develop their emotional strength. It will then be possible for them to function as a whole human being.

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