Do you know that your current subconscious programming really determines your weight? If you want to lose weight permanently then you need to start working at the source of the problem.

So how can you achieve this?

One of the techniques that I use is called self-talk. This is something which I recommend my clients and it can have wonderful results when used properly and consistently.

When you keep telling yourself that you will never be able to lose weight or diets and exercises do not work for you, whatever you tell yourself is going to gradually become reality. What self-talk does is help you to change your programming by ensuring that you only deliver positive ones to your subconscious mind, rather than negative ones.

Firstly, you should appraise your current self-talk. To do this you have to simply note down everything that you say to yourself relating to your current and goal weight, dieting and exercise. For example, if you hear you saying in your head 'this exercise program will not work for me', note that down. Do this for three consecutive days, noting down everything and a picture will appear.

After three days, evaluate what you've written down. Is this really the sort of programming that you want to be logging into your subconscious mind, the driving force behind everything you do? If you answered no to that question, and most people will, then you have to do something about it.

Now, take every phrase you have written down and turn it around. To illustrate, take the phrase, 'this exercise program will not work for me' and change it to 'this exercise program will work for me, I will work hard and stick to it'. Do that for all of your phrases and then you will soon be looking at the type of positive messages that will want to be programming into your subconscious mind.

Read these positive phrases every morning. Read them in the mirror, out loud, and make eye contact with yourself. Perform this for several weeks and you will start to see some changes. At this point in time, you can start to edit your internal dialogue and optimize it best for yourself. This is a long term technique that can yield amazing rewards when done well.

This is only one weight loss technique, but it is one of the best I have ever come across.

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