Positive Home Health Care For Alzheimer Patients

It is indeed a difficult task to be a caregiver for an Alzheimer’s patient. There are a lot of skills and knowledge required to get along for connecting with the person diagnosed with Alzheimer. When it comes to home health care, the services include nursing care, some medical social services and speech-language therapy. It is the duty of the caregiver to help improve the individuals to be able to function and live with greater independence. Promoting the client’s well being to an optimum level is prime.

To be a caregiver for an Alzheimer patient is a difficult task but not an impossible one! Here are 9 such tips to help you carry on with the caregiving journey-

1. Forget denial

It is quite natural for anyone to be in denial when a person begins to show signs of resistant or isn’t able to communicate well. But while you may be in denial, it only stops the person from getting a diagnosis.

2. Do not ask “Do you remember?”

The patients, of course, cannot remember even their day to day activities. If they could have, they would not be diagnosed with dementia. Asking them such questions can frustrate them.

3. Introduce them to fun activities

Often in the last stages of the illness when they do not even wish to talk anymore, you can introduce them to music, pets, children, and art. Indulging in fun activities with any of these can at the least make their last days happier. Home health care for Alzheimer patient does not have to be as difficult as one takes it to be.

4. Interact the person at his or her level

Find out which age the person is behaving. After figuring out the age, it is a good idea to interact with the patient as the same age as they appear to be behaving and then connect with them at the same level.

5. Do not discuss too intense topics

Find out what topics annoy them and ensure that you never bring such topics out to discuss so with them. You do not want to start a conversation that might end up leading to a battle with the patient.

6. Visit often

If you are quite new to the home health care of the patient, you need to make it a habit to visit his/her home quite often when the patient does not know who you are. This is an additional good idea because people with Alzheimer enjoy getting visits even if they do not know who the visitor is.

7. Do not argue

There is no point arguing with a person with dementia. Morally, one should not even consider picking a fight with such patients. Do not contradict with their statements. You never know how they may react at the slightest negative remark.

8. Be quick

In case you accidentally bring out a topic that happens to upset the Alzheimer patient, be quick to change the subject before they are anymore stressed out. The best thing to do is to redirect their attention to something preferably pleasant.

9. Take care of yourself

It is not such a hard task to be the caretaker of an Alzheimer patient. It is necessary to take good care of yourself and also the person diagnosed with Alzheimer. In Home health care does not have to be at all stressful if you plan it out properly. Make it a beneficial experience for yourself as well as the patient. In the midst of all the work do not forget to care for yourself because obviously, you cannot be an effective and compassionate caregiver if you are exhausted all the time.

These are just 9 of the basic steps that can take you a long way towards improving your home health caregiving services. Above all, being with an Alzheimer patient teaches you compassion and love thereby improving your well-being at the same time.

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