Prostatitis is often described as a common disease that exists in the male genital system. According to past experiences, its cause is strongly linked to patients' living habits including sanitation, exercise and eating.

In this case, men who especially like to eat spicy, salty and oily favour are much more likely to catch prostatitis. Thus, changing your eating habit might be the key to unlocking the path of preventing prostatitis.

Somehow, among all food selections, apples seem to possess the magical ability of healing prostatitis. Recent studies find that patients who keep eating 1-2 apples every day recover more quickly than other cases.

The symptoms will be relieved and eventually go away. This is also known by experts as the “apple treatment”. So how can this very ordinary fruit be the perfect alternative to treat prostatitis?

Zinc element that is contained in the apple

The prostate gland has its own antibacterial factor that is called the prostate fluid, which also contains zinc. Zinc is a very crucial element that it can decide whether your prostate gland has the ability of bacterial resistance or not.

When a male’s body lacks zinc, its prostate gland will have significant changes and affect the function and appearance of the sperm. The contained zinc is also a very important prerequisite for keeping sperm’s motility. Doctors tend to exam the pH of the prostate fluid in order to conclude whether the patient has prostatitis or not.

All in all, it makes apple the perfect selection for prostatitis recovering because it contains a substantial amounts of zinc. Furthermore, its natural ingredients is very good for human digestion and have no side effect at all. That said, when patients eat apples a lot, their prostate glands will have more zinc. And if there were more zinc, it would have stronger antibacterial ability.

Some drawbacks that need to be noticed

For now, we all know that eating apples can be beneficial to prevent prostatitis, but there are a few drawbacks that need to be noticed.

To begin with, taking apples at night is not appropriate. Usually, the digesting ability of the stomach and gut will decrease at night. At this time, eating apples can slow its peristalsis, resulting in indigestion. Especially for elderly people, eating apples at night can lead to hypertension and hyperglycemia.

Secondly, eating apples after dinner within 1 hour is also not appropriate and bad for digestion. However, if your case is very severe, you want to recover more quickly and need to have a combination of both medical and food treatment.

You can choose Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for it also contains various natural ingredients which were put together to eliminate and restraint the inflammation in a very efficient way.

Combination of both foods and medicine can be very effective for recovery from serious prostatitis. Wise foods choices such as apples can strengthen your genital organ and medicine can kill bacteria, keeping it from proliferation. So while you cannot eat apples at night, herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory pills can solve your problem further and better.

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