Position yourself for a market recovery.

Hey come on—don't buy into the prevailing sentiment. This is the stuff that Getty and Rockefeller talk about. When 80% of the people think everything is going to get worse and it's crashing, and there's no light at the end of the tunnel, when 80% of the people are believing that—it's time to buy!

It's time to get active. There will be a market recovery. Don't take my word for it; take all of recorded history for it. Business cycles come and go. Prosperity comes, people get lax, corruption creeps in, people get over-extended, and a natural correction comes.

They say—this is stock market lingo—that when things are going good, the bull market goes up the staircase…but when things are bad, the bear market jumps out the window! In other words, it always goes down a lot faster than it comes up.

Position yourself for a market recovery. Whatever area you want to make your fortune in, or make your name in, get ready now. If times are a little bit slow, if you do have some extra unstressed time, use it. Use it today to become the person you want to become tomorrow. The metaphor of growing never quits, not until you die.

You are growing yourself, and wherever you are today, if you are in slowdown or a reversal, you are growing your future tomorrow. Be a seer—see that the market's going to improve shortly. And be ready with offers and services that people want.

Hey, let me go back in history and give you an example from the life experience of someone who is very dear to me, a super mentor who is my spiritual MasterMind partner, a part of HoloMagic. I'm speaking of none other than the author of the original Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill.

Most people don't know this, but he wrote that book during the height of the first Great Depression, in the early years of the 1930s. Most people also don't know that he actually happened to have written the manuscript in the White House. He had taken on a job—Roosevelt had tapped him on the shoulder and given him a job to do.

But the job was not full-time, and Napoleon Hill had a lot of spare time on his hands. Most people don’t know wrote Think and Grow Rich in his spare time in the White House, although he never knew what the title was all the time he was writing it—which I find is a marvel.

Be that as it may, the title came to him at the very end, in the early morning of publication – another instance of HoloMagic.

But he couldn't get it published during the Depression. Mind you, these principles of The NEW Think and Grow Rich were at work inside the White House. These principles that Napoleon was working up and sharing with the President were put to work, adapted for a national government in crisis.

In the same way, they can be adapted—and are adapted every single day—for individuals and for companies that work on national scales, too.

So, the Depression lifts and wonderful things happen. Napoleon becomes a multimillionaire when the book is released in 1937. He buys the farm in the Catskill Mountains that he's always wanted, he buys his first Rolls Royce—and a couple years later, he loses them both.

He goes from millions to financial distress, because, well, things are always changing. The U.S. entered World War II and they outlawed the use of paper for nonessential materials. Now, it wasn't like he could convert to an e-book back then. It was no paper, no books; no books, no money—and we gotta go through this whole cycle again.

If it happens to you, it happens to you. Napoleon Hill never lost his vision—he just suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I wish the same for you.

Prepare now, no matter what's going on around you – and even inside you - for an economic turnaround.

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