Ganache is a wonderful whipped icing that can be used as a filling, as well as a luscious coating for cakes, candies and pastries. It is a beautiful, rich and silky-smooth icing, made of semi-sweet chocolate morsels and whipped cream. Ganache is the perfect fix for Chocolate "addicts" and gives depth of flavor to any cake or pastry. It is important to be selective in the quality of chocolate used, since all chocolate is not created equal. A poor quality chocolate will, naturally, result in an inferior quality Ganache.

Ganache is a versatile luxuriously rich icing that is quite popular with the pastry community. A denser Ganache is wonderful for making Truffles or for making a delicious filling for cakes and pastries. In contrast, a warm, thinner Ganache is excellent for drizzling over cakes, cupcakes and other iced bakery items. It’s origin is debatable, and is often assigned to both French and Swedish culture. Regardless,Ganache is incredibly easy to make, as I will show you in the recipe below:

1 cup of whipped cream
12 oz of semi-sweet chocolate morsels
1/4 cup of corn syrup

Place chocolate in a mixing bowl. Heat the whipped cream on top of the stove...just bringing it to a boil...when it STARTS to boil, remove from heat and quickly pour over the chocolate morsels and whisk until smooth. Whisk in the corn syrup, which gives the ganache it's wonderfully rich depth and shine....and that's it! Allow the Ganache to cool slightly and then you can pour it over your cake, or you can refrigerate it and allow it to thicken. Then it may be used as a luscious filling. This luxurious icing will take your cake from ordinary to masterpiece!

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