Customers, the one and only boss for any business.

As an owner of a company you will have many responsibilities. But, interacting with customers is crucial. Simultaneously, it is difficult to handle complex situations which involve various roles, obstacles and different processes.

With the help of CRM technology, you can streamline your business operations and customer interaction. CRM software helps you organize your business operations as it stores and provides all necessary customer details on time.

But, when it comes to managing real time queries of customers, CRM needs a solution that can work seamlessly. During such time, WordPress client portal comes to our rescue. It fulfills the gap and easily integrates with your CRM.

So, what is a portal?

Let's put it simply, it's a connection between you and your customers. It is a role-based authorization. On the basis of this authorization your customers can have easy access to CRM’s data whenever they want and can reach out to you in just a few simple steps. This even makes it easy for your sales team to provide real time solutions.

Before we begin bombarding you with benefits of client portals, let's understand challenges you will encounter if you are not using customer portals.

Ticket generation:

Generation of thousands of tickets is one of the most common issues companies face when they are in constant touch with customers.

For example, you own an eCommerce business and your customers have different types of questions which your FAQs can not answer. In such a scenario they reach out to your support staff.

This in turn keeps your support team on their toes round the clock and decreases productivity. In a longer time, such things might affect your business as well.

Spending more time on field, phones and emails:

Providing customer service is the most difficult yet important part of business. At same time it is also very time consuming. Your support team will have to answer thousands of requests over phones and calls to understand clients’ issues and provide solutions. A back and forth of emails is nightmarish to everyone who works in support.

Sometimes they also need to go on the field and get a clear picture on the problem. Your customers might also have to come to your office and all these things consume lots of time.

Security Threat:

Data is the oil of the 21st century and securing this data is very important. Nowadays data leak issues have become very common. So, when your organization is communicating with customers, exchanging data has become very easy. And such incidents do create a doubt in our mind with regards to data security.

Unavailability of curated data:

Sometimes if you want to see details of any particular customer then there are chances you might not get an updated information of your customers.

Just imagine, one of your customer wants to re-order some product. In such a scenario you will need to go through an ERP or CRM software and check if product availability, shipment and many other things.

These problems will help you understand the need of having portals and ways it can help you grow your business.

Now let's look at the benefits of having portals:

Ease to customer:

Portals give your customers freedom to solve small issues on their own. You can provide information about your products using WordPress portals in the form of FAQs, knowledge base, etc.

Information which you have provided online will help your customers regardless of their location or time and avoids issues of raising support tickets.

Reduce operational costs:

With the help of portals you will be providing all the necessary information on it. As we saw in the above point this will help you decrease support tickets. In long run it will help you reduce burden from the operational team and will help your business grow.

Customer satisfaction:

This is the goal of each and every business. The core focus behind creating customer portals is customer satisfaction. All features that you develop are around an idea of focusing on solving customers’ queries.

The more ease you provide to your customers to solve their issues on their own, the more they will help you to promote your business. Hence, portals will help you nurture your customer relationship, grow your business and help your branding.

Final Words:

Having portals is always a go to solution for businesses to grow and stay connected with their customers in long run. As you know they help you bring more ease and streamline your operations. And which customer will not prefer to be with a business who keeps their customers’ satisfaction first?!

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Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of CRMJetty , a hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready to CMS integrate portal solutions for various CRM, including WordPress portal, WordPress client portal . Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of e-commerce technology.