Porsha Williams shared yet another photograph featuring baby Pilar Jhena on her social media accounts. She made an IG account for your baby girl because lovers always want to be updated on what this cute baby is performing, so her mom posts new pics and videos of PJ there.

The latest photo that PJ's mother shared IG sparked a huge debate regarding immunization as you'll see below.

Someone commented:'She already like I am not with it now!!! Lil itself tell dr don't hurt her!!!'

One follower published:'Research what is in these experiments...I did if my 7year old was diagnosed with autism...Aluminum and mercury are in the shot I signed a form, and my kids never get sick anymore shortly kids get shots and flu shots it triggers to colds and sickness such as running nose and eyes. But just a lil info I wanted to discuss what they do not tell US'

Another worried fan said:'Don't do it!!!! Don't do it!! Individuals really ought to research what those shots are all about!! I say dont fix it!!'

Someone else had a word for Porsha and stated:'Girl, today you just invited everyone to give their unsolicited advice on their position on the immunization argument'

She seems like Mom and Dad with this film for real. And her expression is a whole mood!'

Porsha had lately made her lovers laugh when she posted a video on her infant woman, Pilar Jhena's IG account.

From the movie, both her and Dennis McKinley are in the middle of their attractiveness rituals, and they are wearing charcoal masks on their faces.

Porsha Williams shared a video on her infant girl, Pilar Jhena's IG account. Porsha Williams Shows Fans What Mommy And Daddy Are Doing While Baby Pilar Jhena Are Asleep. From the video, both her and Dennis McKinley are in the middle of their beauty rituals and they are wearing charcoal masks on their faces.

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