For the fine doll collector on your Xmas gift-giving listing, you will want to consider getting them a new collectible porcelain doll to add to their collection. There are a huge variety of different styles of porcelain dolls from which you can select those that will best fit into your friend's or family member's existing collection. Another great idea is to help a loved one start a collection of dolls made from porcelain, and thus you can give them the first in what will be a series of delightful dolls for their enjoyment.

For those who love children, you may want to give them porcelain baby dolls. There are many top brands from which you can choose your gift recipient's favorites. For a holiday-themed gift, there is a porcelain Jesus baby doll, for example. This exquisite doll is wrapped in a fine brilliant red blanket, has a red pillow for his head, and he rests in a wooden manger. Another idea suitable for gift-giving is to offer a Princess Diana Tribute baby doll. These limited-edition gifts feature a beautiful blonde baby doll with handpainted features, in a sky-blue dress and adorned with a simulated jewel tiara as well as an engraved locket.

There are many different and exciting doll themes from which you can choose your favorite dolls made from porcelain. Themes such as African American, Christmas, Disney, Fairies, Hispanic, Native American, Religious and Sacred Maidens are all available for purchase this holiday season. Dolls also come in a range of types, which can include baby and child dolls, bride dolls, as well as fantasy and fashion dolls crafted from porcelain.

Porcelain fairy dolls are a beautiful addition to any collection. Sandra Bilotto is one sought-after doll artist who produces this type of doll for your consideration. This doll features shades of blue used in her clothing as well as her ornately decorated wings.

A selection of bride dolls also makes up a wonderful collection. Why not widen your existing collection by adding ethnic dolls to it? A great way to start is with the inclusion of a Porcelain Hindu Bride Doll. This doll wears a bright red bridal bindi and mendhi, with gold trim as well as artfully placed sequins and simulated gems. Other bridal doll fashions are available when you select a fantasy bridal doll. You can find quality dolls with dark hair wearing a white gown, carrying a red floral bouquet, and sporting dragon tattoo art on her arm.

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