The Executive Masters of Business Administration is pursued by individuals who already have an existing skill set in the field of business. It is made available through a part time program allowing professionals to balance their work commitments whilst they study abroad.

In today’s evolving world a professional needs to constantly upgrade his skills to be able to stay at the top of the ladder. Attainment of an education abroad will teach the professionals contemporary management skills; harness their critical thinking and analysis abilities. All of the above, further improvises their communication skills which will help in team building.

There are multitude reasons, such as the great earning potential an EMBA graduate holds, to pursue an EMBA; upon fully realization of the same can one be completely motivated to attain the same. The rising popularity of EMBA courses can be attributed to a variety of reasons:

The EMBA course is not only attractive to individuals from the business world but also to people from different fields of study. Overseas education through the medium of this program will enable students to expand their networking opportunities. Socializing with individuals will present you with a multitude of job opportunities, hence allowing you to have an enhanced study abroad experience. The greatest benefit of pursuing an EMBA is not only the knowledge you will inculcate in the classroom but also the interactions you make with your fellow classmates, which will present you with immense job opportunities through the networking you have undertaken. To survive in today’s competitive world, continuously developing new networks will be of immense significance, which this study abroad program allows you to.

Skill enhancement
Many professionals work in a certain company; however they may wish to have their own established business. Attaining an EMBA degree will provide an individual with the skills required to start their own enterprise. The qualities gained through the program will come in handy in the business world. As mentioned earlier, senior managers pursue this program to enhance their skill set. The information gained through this study abroad program has immense real life significance which can be directly applied at one's workplace. As a professional you can refine your skills and undertake leadership roles upon completion of the course. Companies get immensely impressed with the attempt made to evolve your skill set.

Catapult business
Although a challenging course, it is a test of professional abilities. The business no longer functions within the geographical boundaries of the country but transcends globally. An EMBA course is a great global study abroad program, because it enables one to have a more global outlook and approach. You can practically imply what is learnt which helps give direction to the business. An EMBA program will not only give direction to your career but also provide it with advancement. A business degree that one earns soon becomes redundant due to the evolving nature of the society, thus an EMBA degree will propel you with relevant knowledge required to thrive your business after you attain overseas education. The added value it gives to your personality and resume, without putting your career on hold is an alluring aspect. A professional needs to refine their skill to remain significant. By challenging yourself in an academic environment will be of great help in the business.

Transcend career
An EMBA degree will expose the professional to real-life issues that will enable you to position yourself for a better career change. Training given to career focused individuals will be of great improvement to the overall business scenario.

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It was a very good experience for me. Edwise was always there to solve all the difficulties & problems I came across. They gave a good guidance.
Name: Ketki H Purohit
Country: UK
University: Sheffield Hallam University

My experience with Edwise was very good, my counselor was very helpful.
Name: Nazia Parekh
Country: Australia
University: Le Corden Bleu

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