Hanoi is one of the most visited famous destinations, along with a capital city of Vietnam. It is located across the banks of the Red River with French colonial heritage. This city incorporates a population of three million that is continually expanding. This is a reflection of Hanoi being a metropolitan area of northern Vietnam in addition to the country’s political centre. In Hanoi the tourists can seek brilliant Vietnam hotels delivering high class service. Hanoi currently is a charming city. It is preferred traveling vacation spot for numerous tourists together with business travelers, that’s the purpose for the plenty of hotels in Vietnam located there. It has an abundance of lovely landscapes for instance lakes, shaded boulevards, and lush green public parks and a effect of French architecture in the streets. Nowadays Hanoi is becoming more and more favored tourist destination preferred by numerous tourists for their vacation.

Right here is a listing of the most well-known things to visit once you travel to Hanoi


Lakes really are a major tourist attraction in Hanoi. Most well-known of them is Hoan Keim Lake(lake of Restored Sword) which is situated right in the middle of Hanoi, Vietnam with the 18th century Ngoc Sin Temple (Jade Mountain Temple) sitting on an island in its centre. This lake is inhabited largely by a uncommon breed of turtles. Another lakes in Hanoi are West Lake and Hun Tiep Lake.


Old Quarter is centre of hustle and bustle in Hanoi and the most well-known shopping place. It really is a fascinating place of 40 streets packed with shops selling all kinds of goods and pavements covered with cafes and restaurants with every street named right after its specialty good and service. Other shops that can be visited in Hanoi are Craft and Tam Anh Shop.


Ho Chi Minh Mouseleum, is undoubtedly the preferred tourist attraction between the museums in Hanoi. Here the national hero, Ho Chi Minh is much more visible than in the city named upon him- Ho Chin Minh City. This museum is located in the ancient French administrative centre of Ville Francaise. Other well-known museums are Bao Tang Lich Su (History Museum) and Bao Tang Cach Manh (Revolutionary Museum)

Apart from these another preferred attractions are the Temple of Literature built in 1076 as the first university in Vietnam, one Pillar Pagoda along with the Water Puppet Theatre.

Hanoi is proper for visiting at any time of the year due to its pleasant climate all round the year. So why don’t you organize your vacation in a charming hotel in Vietnam and enjoy the tourist sights.

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