House rendering undoubtedly the most popular techniques used for properties in Australia for strengthening the house exterior and at the same time making it aesthetically pleasing. In the recent years, people are experimenting with the render style for the desired look. Therefore, every new homeowner must know the trendiest techniques of wall rendering.

Scroll down to find out the most popular ones.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering, the most authentic rendering technique is still in trend. Being stronger than any other renderings technique, this type of rendering provides extra support to both the exterior and the interior walls of the home. Also, it helps preventing the penetration due to dampness or water leakage on the exterior walls.

Cement rendering is the most popular option for new homeowners as this is a cost-effective technique compared to other rendering like polymer rendering, lime rendering, etc. Plus, cement rendering is easy to apply and takes less time to dry up.

Acrylic Rendering

Most right renderers in Sunshine Coast suggest having the acrylic rendering on the top layer of outside walls. According to the experts, this is the most demanding wall coating technique used in Sunshine Coast.  One can have different designs and textures on the acrylic layer. It also hides the unwanted imperfections of the walls.

The homeowners can ask their professionals associated with the rendering services to add more value to the exterior wall. And, the experts will add a layer of texture coating on the acrylic layer. It is the best way to increase the value of your property.

Polymer rendering

This is the newest form of rendering practised in Australia. With the help of the white cement polymer along with silicone water replant the renders execute the whole process of polymer rending on the outer and inner walls of a home. The best part of having this type of rendering is water repeal from the outer surface of the wall. This type of rendering is mostly applied in the brick and wooden homes.

Lime rendering

One of the most luxurious rendering technique, lime rendering is referred to as conventional “Natural Hydraulic Lime Render” or “NHL”. It is the trendiest rendering in Sunshine Coast that is not only suitable for the wall in terms of appearance, but also makes the wall breathable. The lime rendering is flexible and expands accordingly to suit the temperature fluctuations. Also, the product is suitable for wooden constructions or older building surfaces.

Monocouche  Rendering

The word “mono” means one or singular and the French word “couche” stands for diagonal. Therefore, by putting these together it becomes “single layer”. This layer or render provides protection from weather and adds decorative elements.

This is a modern type of rendering that does not required a base coat, and it is considered as a good fit for new constructions and properties. This type of rendering is available in a wide range of colors now.

Final Words:

These are the top trendiest rendering types of 2019 that the most professionals of rendering suggest having in the new homes for making it well-built as well as eye-catchy. However, consulting with the specialists is a must before having any of these rendering techniques.

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The author is the owner of a reputed Rendering company in Sunshine Coast and one of the most qualified renderers in Sunshine Coast too. The author shares great knowledge on rendering and its different techniques in the blogs and articles.