“We are all mature until somebody brings out some bubble wrap.”

How funny it is that some people go gaga over a bubble wrap? Whether at the office or at home, people fight over this piece of plastic just to get some relief. In 2014, students from University of Leicester, created “pop-up pub” during examination week to help students burst out the hell week moods without actually telling how they feel using rolls of bubble wraps.

Originally, bubble wraps are intended to be a 3D wallpaper by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Instead of sulking to their failure, the inventors used this idea as packaging materials. Bubble wrap is packaging material made up of polyethylene film with air-filled sacs that provide cushion and protection for fragile materials during shipping manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation. It is also shock absorber and resistant to vibrations and static charges. In addition, it is cost-effective and lightweight perfect for transporting goods.

Ever wonder why is it so satisfying to pop them? Here is why…

Based on history
In ancient times, Greeks and Asians traditionally carry stones such as amber or jade due to their calming effect. These smooth-surfaced stones are called “fingering piece” or “worry bead”. This also goes the same with many devoted Catholics who uses the rosary to pray. Just like any work which keeps the hands busy like needlework, bracelet making, makes us relaxing.

Based on Research and Surveys
A research done by psychology professor emerita of Western New England, Kathleen M. Dillon results that after popping two sheets of bubble wraps made undergraduates as the subject calmer and alert. The result is correlated with Robert E. Thayer’s studies on moods’ biological explanation. He speculated that it is in our human nature’s response to stress, “freezing in your tracks”. The mind is in the choice of either fight or flight. Popping air bubbles is the response same as when we are nervous, fidgeting our feet and tapping our fingers.

According to Sealed Air Corporation teaming with Kelton research, in a pop poll stress survey, only a minute of popping bubble wrap is equivalent to 33 minutes of massage. Instant gratification from bursting the bubbles makes it scientifically one of the fastest ways to relieve stress.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is celebrated every last Monday of January. Participated mostly by avid fans who appreciates its relaxing and calming effect or just because, let’s admit it, it is fun to pop some. Gimmicks from bubble wrap challenge to the nifty do-it-yourself crafts are highlighted during this event and brought social media by storm.

But the recent news of redesigning bubble wraps dismayed fans. Now dubbed as the iBubble wrap. It will no longer pop and deflate. The bubble once squeezed will transfer to the other connected bubble. The changes assumed to be a business strategy to attract consumers in shipping items conveniently, with less space to consume.

Though many inventions were derived from its wrap wonders of bubble wrap like Mugen Puchipuchi from Japan and websites that depict bubble wrap virtually. Nothing beats the good old-fashioned, sound-popping, stress-relieving bubble wrap.

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