As I sit in Europe alone on Thanksgiving, I ponder life's lessons and the memories with family. Thanksgiving gives us reason to pause and be thankful for what we have and reflect on the fond memories of the past and look with hope to the future.

Thanksgiving is a time of family, friends, happiness, abundance, and gratitude. Thanksgiving should be a regular habit, not an annual occurrence.

So as I sit admiring the beauty of an ancient world and a culture that stands still through time, I share some thoughts with you in this simple poem.

Pondering Life

Pondering life can take you many directions.
Success. Failure. Deep emotions. Happy memories.

Looking to the future life looks bright,
Looking in my past I am blessed,
Looking at the present I enjoy each day.

Life. Sometimes it can be complicated,
Sometimes simple, sometimes simply complicated.

Pondering life can make us feel
Regret, loneliness, love, or joy.

But one thing about pondering life
Is your thoughts can take you far away.
As you ponder life paint your dreams.
Believe them. Make them true.

I hope you enjoyed the simplicity of "Pondering Life". I have a friend that says "make it true". I want to encourage you to "make it true", whatever you are painting your life to be, pursue it with passion and purpose.

Practice the art of Thanksgiving daily.

Author's Bio: 

Royce has a diverse background ranging with experience in sales, management, program director roles, and as an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. Her entrepreneurial ventures launching nine start-ups have allowed her to develop her skills in marketing, writing, consulting, and leadership. Royce has been asked to speak to groups of up to 200 on leadership, faith, and business skills. She is an active member of Toastmasters and volunteers in her community. Recent highlights of her career include winning a business plan competition on a social enterprise business model, coaching a student who was accepted into the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU), and mentoring at Start-Up Weekend and Ashoka sponsored events at Rollins College.

Most recently, she published her first book "7 Beautiful Weeks: A Love Affair That Wasn't Meant to Last". Her second book "The Spontaneous Journey" has been published as an eBook and co-authoring forthcoming book, "Discover Your Destiny,Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life" will be released in Jan. 2016. Royce has written and developed curriculum teaching others how to make productive life choices to thrive, not survive.Royce is currently developing several webinars on social enterprise. She enjoys working with at-risk populations and has developed curriculum and facilitated experiential learning sessions to help them break free of unproductive patterns.