It was only a few short years ago that pole dancing was reserved for strip clubs now it is used in mainstream exercise classes. Get the best of both worlds by performing spicy routines for your partner in the privacy of your own bedroom. The safety of being in your own environment and performing the role-play will bring you and your partner to new levels of intimacy and understanding.

Because it is now a totally accepted part of dance and fitness culture then it is easy to find a pole dancing class at a level to suit you. Plus pole dancing poles are affordable so you can buy one to erect at home to practice and improve your pole dancing. The home pole can also be put to use for private shows for your partner.

You should make sure that you buy a good quality pole, it will be both safer and look better than cheap one. It is possible to get them in chrome or brass – the brass ones are slightly easier to grip but it is the look that is important. Poles can either be permanently foxed to the floor and ceiling or – like an x pole – they can be secured using the pressure and tension of the pole between the floor and ceiling. Most pole dancing poles can be put up or taken down in a matter of minutes so the room you practice in does not have to be the same as the room that you would use with your partner for a private show.

The pole dancing moves that you use in a class are likely to me more athletic than erotic so whilst they are useful and will build up your confidence and strength they need to be simplified and slowed down if you want to put together a really seductive routine. The most important things are confidence and posture – if you get those right then you won’t need to do any more than just walk around the pole to get your partner’s pulse racing. Try practicing a nice slow walk with each step very deliberate and then add in a few back slides – that’s all you’ll need.

To make the event complete think about your outfit, it’s worth buying something special. The shoes are the most important part of the look and will help with your posture so definitely buy some pole dancing shoes.

By adding some great music and some spotlights that throw the light onto you but leave the rest of the room in darkness you can really recreate the atmosphere of a nightclub in your bedroom.

Author's Bio: 

Perpeptua teaches lessons in how to use an X Pole at home for both fun and for fitness. She has worked with professional dancers and beginners. She sees pole dancing as a great way to combine mental and physical energies in a meditative erotic dance.