Your Beliefs and Your Success

Customers buy from you when they believe in four things. These four things are 1.You 2.Your product or service 3.your Company and finally 4.Your price. If you would like to have a high closing ratio then you must first believe in these things yourself.

The first thing you must do is believed in yourself. You must have 100 percent faith that you are performing with the proper actions and having the correct behaviors and habits. Your behaviors and habits should be in alignment with your goals and you must have your goals written down and have developed a plan on how you will achieve them. When your plan involves doing the correct activities, including closing your leads, and you believe in your goals, and that you will achieve them, then you will automatically achieve them. The old saying of “I’ll believe it when I see it” should really be “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

The second thing a customer must believe, in other word “buy”, is your product or service. In order to be successful you must believe in your product or service. What I mean is that you must believe 110 percent that you are offering the best possible solution to your prospects need or problem and that there is no better solution for them. If you do not believe in your product then how can you expect your prospect too? Believe me when your belief in all of these things is not at least 100 percent the prospects will smell it on you instantly. When you do believe in them 100 percent everything that you do both consciously and unconsciously will lead both you and your prospect down the correct path.

The third belief is belief in your company. You must think and know that your company is the best possible company for you prospect to do business with and that there is no better alternative for them. You must also believe in all of the systems that your company is using such as lead generation, appointment scheduling, job cost estimating, accounting of sales and profits and above all your production department.

I have heard many salespeople talk negative about all of these things, in fact I think it probably the rule not the exception and you must not let yourself fall in to that trap. When you constantly think positive about yourself, your products and your company your prospects will see that you do and they will trust you and want to buy from you without you hardly having to do anything.

The fourth thing a customer must buy (or believe) is belief in your price. You must believe that you are providing value for your customers and that there is nobody else that can provide more for them. This doe not mean that you must have the lowest price but that you are providing that lowest cost and best alternative for them. Remember price is a one-time thing and cost is a lifelong thing.

In order for you to believe in your price I would recommend having a estimating system that is easy to use and also easy to verify that the job was estimated correctly. In my office a second person firewalls all sold jobs after the sale and double checks that the correct job was sold at the correct price. We also job cost all of our jobs and compare them to the estimate to constantly update the system so that we can believe it is as accurate as possible.
Happy selling!!!
Tony Pola
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